1967 War

Israel's conspiracy to invade Nasser's Egypt

Rod Such
28 January 2015

A new edition of Avi Shlaim’s book on the 1956 invasion of Egypt is solid, but not much has been updated.

Refugees are "subjects of their own narratives," says Palestinian artist

Leila Abdul Razzaq’s Baddawi comic blog to be published as graphic novel in 2015.

UEFA punishes football fans for Palestine solidarity

The European football federation should not award the Euro 2020 competition to the Israeli Football Association.

New book reveals top-secret collusion between Israel, US during twenty years of “peace talks”

Rod Such
29 August 2014

The author effectively dismisses the Palestinian right of return as a fundamental human right central to their struggle and to a just peace.

Palestinians dodge Israeli soldiers to retake village in occupied West Bank

Patrick O. Strickland
Jordan Valley
4 February 2014

Ein Hijleh was forcibly depopulated by Israel in 1967. Palestinians are reclaiming the land, linking it to their history and heritage.

Annemarie Jacir's must-see "When I Saw You" grapples with growing up after '67 war

Sarah Irving
3 June 2013
Close-up of boy with dirty face and disheveled hair

Annemarie Jacir’s new film When I Saw You features superb acting and a groovy soundtrack.

Israel's wall will destroy my birthplace, Battir

Hasan Abu Nimah
9 January 2013

A world heritage site is under threat from ongoing colonialism.

Murdered for being Palestinian; Wael Zuaiter remembered 40 years on

Sarah Irving
2 October 2011
Janet Venn-Brown was Palestinian spokesperson Wael Zuaiter’s partner for eight years and one of the last people to see him before his assassination. Sarah Irving interviews for The Electronic Intifada.


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