Susan Abulhawa

The Palestinian struggle is a black struggle

Susan Abulhawa
11 June 2013
Portrait of girl with flag of Palestine painted on her face

Reciprocal solidarity means we should seek our natural allies among the “wretched of the earth,” says Palestinian author Susan Abulhawa.

Imagination has no substitute: reflections on PalFest in Gaza

Susan Abulhawa
7 June 2013
Boy walks past destroyed building exposing mural of Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

A literature festival reminds us that that Palestine is a place of miracles.

For Samer Issawi: a poem by Susan Abulhawa

Susan Abulhawa
19 February 2013

Tribute to hunger-striking Palestinian political prisoner by celebrated author of Mornings in Jenin

Book review: A family history firmly rooted in Jerusalem's soil

Susan Abulhawa
3 November 2012
Jacob Nammar’s autobiography describes a Jerusalem that is impossible to imagine today.

United Methodist Church's shameful failure to divest from injustice

Susan Abulhawa
4 May 2012
This week, the United Methodist Church failed to pass a resolution to divest from three major beneficiaries of the most incendiary human rights abuses and colonial crimes of our time.

Why are Palestinians paying for Germany's sins?

Susan Abulhawa
14 April 2012
While Palestinians continue to be robbed of their land, heritage and human rights to atone for Germany’s sins, Germany unreservedly supports Israel.
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