Sawsan Khalife’

I won't hold a weapon against my people: Druze refuse to serve in Israel's military

Sawsan Khalife'
9 January 2015

Challenges facing Palestinians in Israel and gains in community mobilization identified at conference.

Palestinians in Israel find consensus against army enlistment

Sawsan Khalife'
Shefa Amr
1 July 2014

Anti-enlistment conferences bring out Palestinian community leaders in Israel from across the political spectrum.

Haifa University drowns out Nakba commemoration with dance music

Sawsan Khalife'
Shefa Amr
13 May 2014

Students forcibly dispersed by police during silent gathering to mark expulsion of Palestinians.

Hebrew University sets police on students protesting army recruitment

Sawsan Khalife'
Shefa Amr
9 May 2014

Undercover police dressed as Arabs arrested students protesting voluntary draft of Christians.

Prawer protesters beaten, threatened with rape by Israeli police in Haifa

Sawsan Khalife'
Shefa Amr
17 December 2013
Riot gear police wearing army type uniforms chase demonstrators

Young Palestinians describe abuse at Day of Rage demonstration.

Stone-throwers of Nabi Saleh celebrated in new play

Sawsan Khalife'
Nabi Saleh
26 June 2013
Scene from play shows family sitting together in foreground with Israeli soldier character in background

Israeli soldiers are depicted as pathetic clowns.

Think before you “take part in occupation and war,” says jailed Israeli refusenik

Sawsan Khalife'
Shefa Amr
19 April 2013
Smiling young man stands in front of building

Natan Blanc has served 120 days in prison for objecting to Israel’s war crimes.

Why do survivors of massacre by Israeli soldier face imprisonment?

Sawsan Khalife'
Shefa Amr
4 April 2013

Eden Natan Zada had murdered four Palestinians by the time he was confronted by locals in Shefa Amr, yet those accused of killing him could be jailed for many years.

Palestinian students "surrounded by guns" at Israeli universities

Sawsan Khalife'
22 February 2013

Militarization has become part of the “academic landscape” in Israel, according to a Palestinian rights activist.


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