Sarah Irving

Resisting the “cannibalization” of Palestine’s heritage

Sarah Irving
15 April 2014

Patrick Stewart’s film “It’s Better to Jump” shows the insidious ways that the historic city of Akka is being ethnically cleansed.

Sweet and sinister images from Gaza's hottest artists

Sarah Irving
10 April 2014

Hazem Harb’s limbless figures resemble Francis Bacon’s most celebrated work.

Can a focus on “Palestinian narrative” be dangerous to Palestinian rights?

Sarah Irving
28 March 2014

Anna Bernard expands on Edward Said’s assertion that Israeli and Palestinian literature “cannot be separated.”

A bitter-sweet glimpse into what Jerusalem might have been

Sarah Irving
25 February 2014

Wasif Jawhariyyeh’s memoirs indicate that Jews, Muslims and Christians enjoyed good relations before Israel was established.

Gaza's class divisions confronted by young writers

Sarah Irving
11 February 2014
A story about seeking treatment for a toothache is one of the gems in “Gaza Writes Back.”

Can occupiers struggle alongside the occupied?

Sarah Irving
6 February 2014

“Anarchists Against the Wall” indicates that no neat distinction can be drawn between the government and “ordinary” Israelis.

A confused and contradictory film on how foreigners “help” Palestine

Sarah Irving
3 February 2014

Chloe Ruthven doesn’t appear to have done basic homework for her movie Do-Gooders.

Romance and realism merge in Jerusalem-focused radio play

Sarah Irving
15 January 2014

Reem Kelani’s music provides effective match to Selma Dabbagh’s writing.

Kite-flying film shows Gaza's kids grow old too soon

Sarah Irving
10 December 2013

Youngsters featured in Flying Paper describe how bombs and shells sound to them.

Late artist inspires new film on Palestinian children's dreams

Sarah Irving
6 November 2013

Hassan Hourani left behind a book of children’s stories when he drowned ten years ago.


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