Sami Kishawi

Why should Gazans have to hide their identity in Egypt?

Sami Kishawi
2 December 2013

Whenever there’s turbulence in Cairo, you can be sure that Palestinians will be scapegoated.

Building bridges between struggles at upcoming student conference

Shirien Damra,
Sami Kishawi and
Danya Mustafa
20 October 2012

The second national Students for Justice in Palestine conference will connect, strategize, build and strengthen the student movement in the US.

"Every third child in Gaza stunted by hunger": interview with renowned doctor Mads Gilbert

Sami Kishawi
7 June 2012
Dr. Mads Gilbert shares accounts of his work treating patients during Israel’s attacks on Gaza in 2008-09 in order to encourage others to remain steadfast in their solidarity work for Palestinian rights.

Photostory: The brighter side of Gaza

Sami Kishawi
7 December 2011

Photographs taken by The Electronic Intifada contributor Sami Kishawi this summer show the color of everyday life in Gaza.

There's more to Gaza than broken slabs of concrete

Sami Kishawi
Gaza City
7 July 2011
Returning to Gaza for a family visit after years away, Sami Kishawi reflects on the Gaza you see and don’t see through the media’s eye.

DePaul vote on Sabra hummus a victory for human rights

Sami Kishawi
25 May 2011
Over the course of the last few months, DePaul University has become ground zero of the growing campus boycott movement in Chicago. It began after DePaul’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) discovered that the sale of Sabra brand hummus served to profit a corporation found to have direct financial ties to two Israeli army brigades notorious for countless human rights violations.
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