Rod Such

How Harry Truman learned to love Israel

Rod Such
31 March 2014

John Judis’ book Genesis recalls that the White House was initially hostile to Israel’s establishment.

A timely reminder that right to return can be implemented

Rod Such
28 February 2014

Allowing refugees to return home has been an essential component to resolving many conflicts, a new collection of essays points out.

Obama: Who had hopes to shatter?

Rod Such
6 January 2014

Josh Ruebner’s book exposes the Obama administration’s Palestine policies.

Blumenthal's "Goliath" holds mirror to Israeli society

Rod Such
4 November 2013

Liberal Zionists in uproar over bestselling author’s authoritative tome but mainstream media prefer to ignore it.

Roads to ending Israeli apartheid envisioned in new book

Rod Such
28 May 2013

Denying the Nakba is a central tenet in Israeli supremacy, according to essays in Pretending Democracy.

Book review: Rashid Khalidi shows how US got hired as Israel's lawyer

Rod Such
7 April 2013

American diplomats were so eager to please Israel that they became “more royalist than the King.”


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