Max Blumenthal

How school privatization hawks Teach For America promote Israel

Max Blumenthal
20 August 2013

Funded by ideological billionaires, Teach For America’s young corps are being indoctrinated with a pro-Israel message.

Oslo Freedom Forum founder’s ties to Islamophobes who inspired mass killer Anders Breivik

Max Blumenthal
New York City
14 May 2013

Norwegian government and Amnesty International co-sponsor “human rights” forum produced by group funded by big donors to Islamophobes who were cited by murderer.

Weddady's Free Arabs, American Islamic Congress and the pro-Israel funders who helped them rise

Max Blumenthal
New York City
7 May 2013

A group that rose with US government and Israel lobby funding during the early stages of the Iraq war incubated the controversial new website “Free Arabs.”

Brooklyn College battle reveals hidden agenda of “liberal Zionism”

Max Blumenthal
New York City
12 February 2013

Why are J Street leaders afraid to debate Palestinians advocating a boycott of Israel?

Eviction of Bab Al Shams exposes Israel as a lawless state

Max Blumenthal
14 January 2013

Israeli prime minister ordered evacuation of protest village despite court order.

How Kobe Bryant blows a hole in the Irvine 11 prosecution's case

Max Blumenthal
11 September 2011
Did the Irvine 11 really “shut down” Michael Oren? Or did he simply have better things to do than finish his engagement with a packed auditorium of avid pro-Israel supporters?

Interview: Planning the Nakba Day movement in Lebanon

Max Blumenthal
5 June 2011
In an interview with The Electronic Intifada contributor Max Blumenthal, agronomist and Palestinian rights activist Rami Zurayk described how 150 representatives of Palestinian factions and refugee groups gathered to wrangle over the nascent May 15 movement’s language and long-term strategy.

Bassem Tamimi: "Our destiny is to resist"

Max Blumenthal
2 May 2011
Grassroots activist Bassem Tamimi was arrested at his West Bank village of Nabi Saleh on 25 March and has been in detention ever since. Last January, The Electronic Intifada contributor Max Blumenthal interviewed Tamimi about the village’s popular struggle against the occupation, of which he and his wife and brother have been central figures.

Facing up to Jewish nationalism and racist violence

Max Blumenthal and
Joseph Dana
3 March 2011

The recent murder of Hussam Rwidy, a Palestinian, by Jewish youths allegedly shouting “Death to Arabs” has highlighted the link between racist incitement and violence. The underlying ideology that fuels this hatred is Jewish nationalism, as Max Blumenthal and Joseph Dana argue.

The Carmel wildfire is burning all illusions in Israel

Max Blumenthal
6 December 2010

Over the last four days, more than 12,300 acres have burned in the Mount Carmel area or northern Israel, a devastating swath of destruction in a country the size of New Jersey. While the cause of the fire has not been established, it has laid bare the myths of Israel’s foundation.


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