Ilan Pappe

How Israel was absolved of Deir Yassin and all other massacres

Ilan Pappe
10 April 2015

This week marks the anniversary of an attack by Zionist forces against a beautiful village in Jerusalem.

The messages from Israel's election

Ilan Pappe
20 March 2015

It is urgent to forsake old formulas for “peace” and start looking for just and viable alternatives.

Israel's incremental genocide in the Gaza ghetto

Ilan Pappe
13 July 2014
A mother hugs her adolescent son in a bombed-out living room

Downsizing the number of Palestinians all over historic Palestine is still the Zionist vision.

Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism

Ilan Pappe
18 October 2013

It is imperative to reconnect to Jewish heritage before it was corrupted by Zionism.

When Israeli denial of Palestinian existence becomes genocidal

Ilan Pappe
20 April 2013
Close-up, profile portrait of Israeli president

Official re-selling of the landless people mythology exposes Zionist leaders’ cognitive dissonance.

Can we find compassion for Israelis in 2013?

Ilan Pappe
4 January 2013

As the totalitarian right gains more power, there are few glimmers of hope in Israeli society.

Israel coined the term "Nakba" and is still implementing it

Ilan Pappe
20 July 2012
Israeli authorities are set to implement the Prawer plan for the dispossession of the Bedouins of the Naqab.

Israel rides the rollercoaster of mass hysteria

Ilan Pappe
18 April 2012
French grandmas, a retired poet and nuclear holocaust are all threats of the same magnitude in the post-modern world of the current captains of the Israeli Titanic.

Confronting intimidation, working for justice in Palestine

Ilan Pappe
27 December 2011
If once you do not cave in, you discover that as time goes by, the ability of Zionist lobbies of intimidation around the world to affect you gradually diminishes.


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