Daryl Meador

"Museum without borders" to open in Palestine

Daryl Meador
30 September 2014

Palestinian Museum is being built in the occupied West Bank but aims to reach beyond the Israeli-controlled borders.

Ramallah art show subverts ideas of Palestinian masculinity, statehood

Daryl Meador
12 June 2014

Omarivs Ioseph Filivs’ The Ceremonial Vniform is impressive in its depth of exploration and beautifully crafted works.

A poignant tribute to the Palestinians of Yarmouk

Daryl Meador
12 February 2014
Actor Hassan Hassan starred in a remarkable documentary film before his recent death in a Syrian prison.

Cruelty of Israel's Cast Lead assault captured by new documentary

Daryl Meador
6 June 2013
Boy leans against fence with destroyed homes in background

Where Should the Birds Fly features ten-year-old’s chilling observation that Palestinian victims “mean nothing” to Israel.

Graphic novels tell stories of Palestinian youths arrested on spurious grounds

Daryl Meador
6 May 2013
Drawing shows close-up of shackled hand, foot, prison bars

One participant in Palestine Through Graphics was interrogated for 12 hours; her “crime” involved dropping a piece of paper in an Israeli-owned store.

Playback and protest: The Freedom Bus hits the road

Daryl Meador
12 April 2013
Women in black gesture towards audience in outdoor setting

Five artists scheduled to take part in the West Bank tour were denied entry by Israel.

Dheisheh camp "university" questions what it means to be a refugee

Daryl Meador
Dheisheh refugee camp
26 March 2013

Campus on Campus participant believes refugee camps should be seen as “homelands.”

Nablus was "the center of everything": interview with architect Naseer Arafat

Daryl Meador
12 March 2013

New book documents how West Bank city’s buildings were destroyed by Israeli invasion.


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