Budour Youssef Hassan

Football fan slain by Israel predicted he would be next martyr

Budour Youssef Hassan
15 August 2014

Muhammad Qattri, a 19-year-old protester, was injured, dragged into an Israeli settlement in the West Bank and shot dead, says witness.

“I did all that I could do for Palestine,” says freed prisoner Said Tamimi

Budour Youssef Hassan
Nabi Saleh
9 January 2014
Said Tamimi has no regrets over his role in resisting the occupation.

Solidarity helped me keep fighting, says released hunger striker Samer Issawi

Budour Youssef Hassan
1 January 2014

Prisoner’s sister and mother played critical role in hunger striker’s campaign for freedom.

African refugees defy desert cold, Israeli internment in march for freedom

Budour Youssef Hassan
27 December 2013

Defying internment and increasing repression, Sudanese and other refugees in Israel are taking matters into their own hands.

The second intifada put holes in Israel's wall of fear

Budour Youssef Hassan
4 October 2013

The September 2000 rebellion united Palestinians across geographical divisions.

Israel's killing of five young Palestinians exposes "peace" talks as charade

Budour Youssef Hassan
24 September 2013

Why is it considered routine for an occupation force to invade a refugee camp?

Resist Israel's unjust system, don't operate within it

Linah Alsaafin and
Budour Youssef Hassan
7 September 2013

Recent protests against the expulsion of Bedouins indicate that some Palestinians are accepting the limits of liberal discourse rather than demanding national liberation.

Palestinian protesters harassed, beaten by Abbas supporters in Jerusalem

Budour Youssef Hassan
7 November 2012

Counter-demonstrators outnumbered protesters renouncing Abbas’ comments over right of return.

Druze youth faces jail for refusing to serve in Israel's army

Budour Youssef Hassan
30 October 2012

Musician and high school student Omar Saad insists that his viola is his only weapon in letter to Israeli leaders.

Protests and strikes as Israel raids Bedouin villages, threatens to destroy homes

Budour Youssef Hassan
19 October 2012
Tear gas fired at school in Naqab village of Bir Hadaj as JNF threatens to demolish Palestinian homes


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