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Poet Kevin Coval: young Jews should stand with Palestine

Alexander Billet
10 June 2013
Portrait photograph of bearded man wearing cap

Poet Kevin Coval denounces Israeli rap star for “making Zionism chic.”

Reflection of the struggle: Excentrik explores his Palestinian-American identity on new album

Alexander Billet
19 June 2012
Surpassing genre categorization, the eclectic Excentrik (Tarik Kazaleh) vividly juxtaposes dual identities, politics and culture in his new album.

Madonna sings for apartheid; yet campaign to boycott Israel grows stronger

Alexander Billet
12 June 2012
It can’t be denied that Madonna’s tour launch in Israel was a victory for the apartheid state. What also can’t be denied is the growth of the movement for BDS.

Never mind Johnny Rotten, real punks boycott Israel

Alexander Billet
20 February 2012
Working with the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, Punks Against Apartheid follows a firm tradition of anti-racism within the punk movement.

Interview: rapper Sphinx on why Egypt uprising had a hip-hop soundtrack

Alexander Billet
24 January 2012
Hesham Alofoq (aka Sphinx) of the Egyptian hip-hop group Arabian Knightz speaks to The Electronic Intifada about the history of hip-hop in Egypt and the Middle East, the future of the Egyptian uprising, and the role that music plays in the revolt.

New Lowkey album a soundtrack to the human struggle

Alexander Billet
16 November 2011
Iraqi-British rapper Lowkey’s new album Soundtrack to the Struggle is not only a listening experience, but a call for a fundamentally different world.

Film review: Can hip hop be "bigger than the occupation"?

Alexander Billet
29 September 2011
How can one expect any art to take root under Israeli occupation, let alone for a small delegation of artists, DJs and rappers to make any impact?

Remi Kanazi's poetry of struggle

Alexander Billet
11 July 2011
Alexander Billet profiles Palestinian-American spoken word poet Remi Kanazi and his new book of poems, Poetic Injustice.

Bieber's empty pop can't drown out Palestine's cry

Alexander Billet
21 April 2011
Marred though it might have been by the paparazzi and diplomatic fiasco, Benjamin Netanyahu probably couldn’t be happier with how pop star Justin Bieber’s visit to Israel went.

The foolish side of the cultural boycott line

Alexander Billet
29 March 2011


Kiss front-man Gene Simmons, who was born Chaim Witz near Haifa, recently opened that mouth to call artists boycotting Israel “fools.” Alexander Billet comments for The Electronic Intifada.

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