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Human Rights

Israel denies Palestinian human rights lawyer access to medical treatment

World Organisation Against Torture and
Defence for Children International-Palestine Section
13 May 2003

OMCT has been informed by Defense for Children International/Palestine Section of the continued denial of access to necessary medical treatment of Palestinian human rights lawyer Daoud Dirawi, who is currently being detained in the Israeli detention centre Ketziot.

Israel deports Palestinian from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
20 May 2003

In the implementation of an Israeli military order issued on 10 April 2003, Israeli occupying forces transferred Mahmoud Suleiman Sa’id al-Sa’di al-Saffouri, 31, from his home in Jenin to the Gaza Strip on Sunday morning, 18 May 2003. According to the military order, al-Sa’di will spend two years in Gaza.

The use of human shields and the destruction of homes during the Israeli invasion of Nablus

29 March 2003

The following are testimonies that residents of Nablus gave to B’Tselem’s researchers. The testimonies indicate that, during the IDF’s invasion of the city, which began on 19 February 2003. The soldiers used civilians as human shields, in violation of the state’s commitment to the High Court of Justice, and blew up the interior of houses.

Palestinian woman crushed to death as Israeli forces blew up her home

2 March 2003

Nuha al-Mukadame, age 33, was crushed to death when Israeli occupying forces blew up her home in al-Bureij refugee camp on 3 March 2003.

Human shields in Jenin

13 May 2003

During the operation to arrest Khalil Musbah, Border Police Officers used a Palestinian family as human shields.

PCHR deplores Israel's unprecedented actions against internationals

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
18 May 2003

Israeli authorities are continuing to impose severe measures on internationals moving in and out of the Gaza Strip. As of today, 18 May 2003, with the exception of some United Nations staff and a small number of humanitarian workers, internationals are being prevented from entering or leaving the Gaza Strip.

Haifa Sports Club in Iraq: The Latest Palestinian Refugee Camp

Majid Jarrar
18 May 2003


The soccer field at Haifa Sports Club was once full of the sounds of children playing. Now, this playground has been remade into a tent city for Palestinian families made homeless by war and prejudice. On the field stand 63 new, white tents set up by the Iraqi Red Crescent Society in order to lodge some 240 families left homeless since the collapse of the former government.

UN Human rights expert slams Israel on violations of the right to housing

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
17 May 2003

The Special Rapporteur on adequate housing of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Mr. Miloon Kothari, has expressed concern over the sharp rise in the destruction of property and land in the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT) since the build-up to the war in Iraq.

Weekly report on human rights violations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
15 May 2003

Israeli forces conducted a series of incursions into Palestinian areas, accompanied by indiscriminate shelling. Israeli forces raided Khan Yunis refugee camp, demolishing homes and wounding twenty Palestinian civilians. In Rafah and Deir al-Balah, Israeli forces demolished 18 homes. In Beit Hanoun and Khan Yunis large areas of Palestinian agricultural land were razed. Israeli forces continued to shell Palestinian residential areas indiscriminately. Israel continued its arbitrary arrest campaign. Three internationals were arrested at the ISM offices in Beit Sahour, including a researcher of Human Rights Watch. Israel continued its tight siege on Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps.

Israeli forces kill three Palestinians, including a child, and demolish four homes

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
15 May 2003

Israeli forces moved into Beit Hanoun, killing three Palestinians, including one child and wounding five others. They demolished four Palestinian homes. At the time of writing, this Israeli aggression is still underway. More casualties are expected.


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