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Human Rights

We reap what we sow

Nick Pretzlik
25 May 2003

“The relocation policy of shifting the Bedouin population into official settlements has the added benefit of creating a cheap source of labour for the Jewish economy. Life for the Bedouins is made as difficult as possible in order to pressure them into making that move. With the help of the legal ‘hocus pocus’ involved with the 1965 Planning and Construction Law, Unrecognised Villages became ‘de-legalised’ — existing buildings were unable to obtain permits and those which already possessed them, schools for example, had them rescinded. Whole communities became illegal.” Nick Pretzlik details the vast array of injustices committed against Bedouin citizens of Israel since 1948.

B'Tselem response to incitement Israel's Foreign Minister against human rights groups

21 May 2003

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom’s statement that “most human rights organizations whose offices are in Gaza and the West Bank provide refuge to Palestinian terrorists,” is a direct continuation of the campaign that Israel’s government has been waging against human rights organizations operating in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Trapped at Surda checkpoint

Birzeit University Right to Education Campaign
24 May 2003

After one day of curfew in Ramallah on May 18 and the two following days of complete siege, Israeli occupying forces suddenly opened the checkpoint on Wednesday. However, Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint closed the checkpoint just as suddenly at around 2 pm, trapping hundreds of ordinary citizens, Birzeit faculty staff and students.

Weekly report on human rights violations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
21 May 2003

This week Israeli forces killed 13 Palestinians, including a woman and three children, two mentally disabled, and two during the raid on Beit Hanoun. Israeli forces demolished 15 homes in Beit Hanoun and razed large areas of agricultural land. In Khan Yunis Israeli forces razed 272 dunums of agricultural land and in Rafah demolished 33 homes. Israeli forces continued indiscriminately shelling Palestinian residential areas, wounding a number of civilians. Israel continued to impose its siege on Palestinian villages and towns and denied movement to civilians, including internationals.

Israeli Foreign Minister's incitement against Palestinian NGOs

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
22 May 2003


Silvan Shalom

In a statement published in an Israeli newspaper, the Israeli Minister for Foreign Affairs, Silvan Shalom, alleged that Palestinian NGOs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip harbor terrorists. PCHR believes that these comments represent a threat to the work of Palestinian human rights NGOs and contends that the comments are particularly disturbing coming from a senior politician, indicating that they may reflect the official government position.

No peace without human rights

Miranda Sissons
18 May 2003

‘Security, security, security’ is the motto of the Middle East road map. Human rights are the missing guest at the diplomatic table. Miranda Sissons is the author of a number of Human Rights Watch reports on Israel and the Occupied Territories. She was arrested by Israel on May 9.

Recent crackdown on international human rights defenders

World Organisation Against Torture and
International Federation for Human Rights
12 May 2003

The FIDH and the OMCT, in the framework of their joint programme the Observatory for the protection of Human Rights Defenders, express their deepest concern after Israel�s crackdown on human rights defenders in the occupied Palestinian territory as Israeli forces arrested several defenders, raided the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in the West Bank and imposed new restrictions to foreigners for entry into the Gaza Strip.

Israel denies Palestinian human rights lawyer access to medical treatment

World Organisation Against Torture and
Defence for Children International-Palestine Section
13 May 2003

OMCT has been informed by Defense for Children International/Palestine Section of the continued denial of access to necessary medical treatment of Palestinian human rights lawyer Daoud Dirawi, who is currently being detained in the Israeli detention centre Ketziot.

Israel deports Palestinian from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
20 May 2003

In the implementation of an Israeli military order issued on 10 April 2003, Israeli occupying forces transferred Mahmoud Suleiman Sa’id al-Sa’di al-Saffouri, 31, from his home in Jenin to the Gaza Strip on Sunday morning, 18 May 2003. According to the military order, al-Sa’di will spend two years in Gaza.

The use of human shields and the destruction of homes during the Israeli invasion of Nablus

29 March 2003

The following are testimonies that residents of Nablus gave to B’Tselem’s researchers. The testimonies indicate that, during the IDF’s invasion of the city, which began on 19 February 2003. The soldiers used civilians as human shields, in violation of the state’s commitment to the High Court of Justice, and blew up the interior of houses.


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