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Human Rights

Palestinian prisoners' day

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
17 April 2003

Today, 17 April 2003, is Palestinian Prisoners’ Day. The number of Palestinian detainees increases as Israeli occupying forces continue to wage campaigns of arbitrary arrests and detentions against thousands of Palestinian civilians. Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails continue to be subject to wide-ranging violations of their rights and dignity. PCHR reiterates its call for Israel’s systematic violations of the rights of Palestinian prisoners to be stopped, and demands that Israel respect international human rights and humanitarian law on the rights of prisoners.

US lone vote against human rights resolution on the occupied Arab territories

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
15 April 2003

The Commission on Human Rights adopted resolutions this morning calling for Israel to cease repressive measures in the occupied Syrian Golan; end human rights abuses and withdraw from Palestinian territories occupied since 1967; and halt the construction of settlements in the occupied Arab territories. The three measures, adopted by roll-call votes, were tabled under the Commission’s agenda item on the “question of the violation of human rights in the occupied Arab territories, including Palestine”.

Behind the barrier: human rights violations resulting from Israel's construction of the wall

15 April 2003

Today B’Tselem is publishing an updated position paper on the separation barrier being erected between the Green Line and the West Bank. The paper focuses on the planned route of the barrier and violations of human rights of the many Palestinians who live near the Green Line (Israel’s 1967 border) that will result from building the barrier within the West Bank.

Israeli High Court considers use of flechette shells

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
15 April 2003

The Israeli High Court held a session on Sunday, 13 April 2003, to consider the case of the use of flechette anti-personnel shells by the Israeli army. PCHR and Physicians for Human Rights appealed to the court to issue a decision to absolutely prohibit the use of flechette shells by the Israeli army in its military operations.

Parents of Tom Hurndall visit the site of his shooting

Tom Wallace
14 April 2003

”At 1:00 PM today Anthony and Jocelyn Hurndall made their way to Yebna, Rafah where their son Tom was shot on Friday, April 12, by an Israeli sniper. The entourage of two range rovers and a UN vehicle arrived at the ISM apartment where a throng of reporters and photographers awaited their arrival.” This update from Tom Wallace, International Solidarity Movement media contact in Beit Sahour, chronicles a family’s search for justice.

ISM Rafah: Statement on the shooting of Thomas Hurndall

12 April 2003

”Thomas Hurndall, a 21-year-old activist from London, UK […] was about to leave, when he noticed two small girls still in front of the roadblock and in the line of fire. He was moving to help them when an Israeli soldier in the tower, about 300 meters in front of him, shot a high calibre sniper bullet directly into his head. He was wearing an orange fluorescent jacket with reflective stripes, and was in full body view of the tower.”

ISM: Israeli soldier shoots British ISM activist Tom Hurndall in Gaza

11 April 2003

Between 4:30 and 5:00 PM today Israeli snipers shot another ISM activist in the head. Tom Hurndall from Manchester Britain is currently in critical condition in an Israeli hospital. He is 22 years old. According to Laura, the activists were being shot at while protecting some children from Israeli gunfire. Tom was in plain view of the sniper towers and was wearing a bright orange fluorescent jacket with reflective stripes. The nine ISM activists and many children were in the process of leaving the area. Sniper fire from the tower was hitting the wall close beside the children, who were afraid to move. Tom was attempting to bring them to safety when he was shot. There was no shooting or resistance coming from the Palestinian side at all.

Sophisticated transfer

Tanya Reinhart
10 April 2003

While fears that Israel might use the war in Iraq as a cover to forcefully relocate Palestinians in the “seam line” area of the northern West Bank have not been realized, the Israeli army is rehearsing for such a “transfer.” Furthermore, Israel is escalating efforts to rob Palestinians of their lands in the occupied territories. Tanya Reinhart reports in Yediot Aharonot.

Weekly report on human rights violations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
10 April 2003

This week Israeli forces killed 18 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 5 children. Eleven of the victims were killed in the past 24 hours. Nine of the victims, including two children were killed in three extra-judicial executions. In Israeli arrest campaigns in Tulkarm refugee camp, hundreds of civilians were transferred to the nearby Nour Shams refugee camp. This week Israeli forces demolished six Palestinian homes in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah. Israeli forces conducted a series of incursions into Palestinian areas, accompanied by indiscriminate shelling. Israeli forces continued to use Palestinian civilians as human shields in military operations. The Israeli retaliatory campaign continues against Palestinians and a volunteer of the International Solidarity Movement was shot in his face and seriously wounded by Israeli forces in Jenin.

Seven Palestinians killed and 53 wounded in latest Israeli assault

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
9 April 2003

Two Israeli combat helicopters, accompanied by an F-16 fighter jet, launched two missiles at a civilian car in a densely populated area of Gaza City. Two Palestinians, allegedly wanted by Israeli occupying forces, were traveling in the car. A number of Palestinian civilians gathered around the targeted car to rescue the victims, when the aircraft launched a third missile, killing 5 Palestinian civilians, including two children, and injuring dozens.


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