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Human Rights

Israel bulldozes Palestinian buildings at Rafah crossing point

Lora Gordon
13 June 2003

We thought they would bomb the Gaza International Airport but instead they bulldozed the Palestinian-run buildings at Rafah Crossing Point (RCP), officially/unofficially ending the Palestinian-Israeli joint supervision intended for the checkpoint since it was reorganized under the Cairo Agreement after Oslo. Laura Gordon writes from occupied Rafah.

Weekly report on human rights violations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
11 June 2003

This week Israeli forces killed 20 Palestinians, including four women and a child. The majority of the casualties, 15 of the 20, were killed during four assassinations in Gaza, including two brothers and two sisters. Israeli forces conducted a series of incursions into Palestinian areas and demolished more than 40 homes and razed large areas of agricultural land in the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces also demolished public and private facilities at the Rafah Terminal. Israeli forces continued indiscriminate shelling of Palestinian residential areas and continued illegal actions against the families of wanted Palestinians and those who allegedly carried out armed attacks against Israeli targets, resulting the destruction of 2 homes. Israel continued its tight siege on the occupied Palestinian territories. All border crossings have been closed. Beit Hanoun has been under Israeli military siege for the fourth consecutive week.

Israeli forces kill 7 Palestinians in fifth execution in Gaza in 48 hours

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
12 June 2003

This afternoon, Israeli forces killed 7 Palestinians, including an infant. This attack brings the total number of casualties in assassinations attacks to 23 in the last 48 hour. Five of those killed were targeted by Israel, 18 were non-targeted civilians.

Israeli closures spur phenomenon of Palestinian "one-shekel-kids"

Defence for Children International-Palestine Section
12 June 2003

A one shekel kid is an under-age worker selling nic-nacs, sweets, cakes or cheap plastic items for a shekel a piece. DCI took a small sample of these children this week for International Child Labour Day on June 12. DCI Palestine notes that the deteriorating economic situation in the Palestinian territories due to Israeli closures and curfews is having a significant impact on children, both in terms of a falling standard of living and loss of opportunities and the rising incidence of child labour to supplement meager family income.

Owners of demolished homes shut down Rafah Governorate

International Solidarity Movement
10 June 2003

This is the third day that protestors have effectively shut down the Rafah Governorate in the Gaza Strip. Over one hundred men, women, and children have come together to demand compensation for their homes, which have been demolished by Israeli forces armed with American Caterpillar D9 and D10 Bulldozers since the beginning of the Intifada.

British MPs in Gaza condemn Israeli missile strikes

Christian Aid
9 June 2003

MPs Ms Oona King and Dr Jenny Tonge are today in Gaza City with Christian Aid and local organisations to look at the humanitarian crisis and agricultural restrictions in the area. Following the Israeli attacks on Abdel Aziz Rantissi, Dr Tonge said: “I am gravely concerned that the Israeli government has launched an attack in such close proximity to Gaza’s main hospital.”

Factsheet: "Unauthorized" Settlement Outposts

PLO Negotiations Affairs Department
10 June 2003


In an effort to demonstrate compliance with the Road Map, the Israeli government has started to dismantle 15 of what it calls “unauthorized” settlement outposts in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The facts are that the dismantlement is not consistent with Israel’s Road Map obligations, the dismantled outposts are dummies, and — most poignently — there is no such thing as an “authorized” settlement if settlements are illegal under international law.

Annan voices 'serious concern' over attempted extra-judicial killing by Israel

United Nations
10 June 2003


United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan voiced “serious concern” today over Israel’s attempted extra-judicial killing of a Palestinian political leader in Gaza and again called on the Israeli Government to “desist from the disproportionate use of force.”

Belgium rules that Yaron and others will be investigated and tried for 1982 massacre

10 June 2003

This morning’s ruling in the trial against Ariel Sharon, Amos Yaron, and other Israelis and Lebanese responsible for the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre brought a clear, decisive victory in the legal battle waged for the last two years by the survivors and victims. The following press release from the lawyers representing the survivors explains the significance of the ruling.

Israeli rockets strike car carrying Hamas leader

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
10 June 2003

Two Israeli combat helicopters launched six missiles at a car passing through a densely populated area in Gaza city. Dr. Abdul Aziz Rantisi, a prominent leader of Hamas, his son Ahmad and two of his bodyguards were traveling in the car. The attack killed a woman, who was passing by the area. More than 30 civilians, including eight children were wounded. Dr. Rantisi survived the attack but was wounded in his left leg.


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