Hell on earth: Qalandia checkpoint

2 May 2002


Qalandia checkpoint is one of the largest Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank. This checkpoint is not located on a border, but between the Palestinian town Ramallah, Qalandia refugee camp, and the Palestinian town of ar-Ram. It separates Ramallah residents from southern Palestinian towns and the northern Palestinian neighbourhoods of Jerusalem. Israeli soldiers check identity cards. Clogged traffic languishes, and pedestrians have to walk 300 rubbish-strewn yards to get across. The footage shows the full checkpoint as EI’s Arjan El Fassed and Annet Meeuws crossed it on their way from Ram to Ramallah on May 2, 2002.
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    Camera: Arjan El Fassed & Annet Meeuws; Editing: Arjan El Fassed



    Palestinian men, women and children waiting in the sun at Qalandia checkpoint (Photo: AEF, 2002)


    Palestinian women on their way from Ramallah to Ram in front of Israeli soldier at Qalandia checkpoint (Photo: AEF, 2002)


    Palestinian men, women and children waiting in line before crossing Qalandia checkpoint from Ramallah to ar-Ram (Photo: AEF, 2002)


    Palestinian boys transporting a trolley full of CD’s from Ramallah to ar-Ram (Photo: AEF, 2002)



    Palestinian men, women and children waiting in line to cross Qalandia checkpoint to Ramallah (Photo: AEF, 2002)

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