Pelican Bay to Palestine

In Pelican Bay and other prisons throughout California, approximately 30,000 inmates are nearing their second month of the largest prison hunger strike in US history. Committed to maintaining the strike indefinitely, they are demanding an end to a vast range of abuses, including solitary confinement, long-term isolation, denial of family contact, and absence of legal protections.

Palestinian hunger strikers have expressed their solidarity with inmates in California, urging them to stay strong in their commitment to ending their isolation and to remember that they are not alone. Internationally, as one, we stand — internationally, as one, we resist.


Your numbers on the hunger strike are wrong. Nearly 30,000 inmates were considered on hunger strike the first day, now there are 399 and only a fraction of those have been on the hunger strike since the beginning.

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Can you please provide reference? I didn't realize this was the case and I can't find any supportive evidence.


I’ve been following the news from this website:



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My question was directed at Dana…have you found any information to support her claim?