In attack on South Africa, Israel’s Deputy FM Danny Ayalon trivializes apartheid

Following the decision by the South African government to label products coming from West Bank settlements as, well, coming from West Bank settlements, Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon responded by saying that “South Africa remains an apartheid state”.

Aside from Israel’s current policies, which many observers think genuinely do qualify as apartheid, Ayalon’s remarks are particularly extraordinary coming from a man who has declared in public that the Negev and Galilee have too many Palestinians and not enough Jews. They are even more remarkable given the fact that for years Israel was one of the only and most important allies and arms suppliers of apartheid South Africa when it was internationally isolated.

In addition, Ayalon’s “apartheid” reference called to mind two tweets he sent me last year, in which he objected to the title of my first book.

Embedded rich on Twitter

Embedded rich on Twitter


I am a South African who normally is quite critical of my inept and often corrupt government. However, I fully support the decision to label all goods coming from the occupied territories.

I agree 100% with Nizaam Pasha's comment. The decision to label all goods coming from the territories illegally occupied by Israel is one of the best things the present government has ever done..

And as a South Affrican I wish to support the statements of my compatriots, bravo the South Afrcian Government!

Sorry to think that, in reporting such dumb opinion, you're making this clown a favour. These words are destined to the waste of history.

This ayalon creature still has the temerity to talk of apartheid!!! Gobsmacking!! but nothing one does not expect from an israeli-firster.

Danny Ayalon needs to be told that pre-1994 South African apartheid was a pic-nic to what atrocities the Palestinians are facing at the hands of the Zionists today. Viva South Africa on its moral stand!