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Weekly report on human rights violations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
20 December 2002


Israeli occupying forces have perpetrated more illegal actions and human rights violations against Palestinian civilians, including willful and extra-judicial killings, shelling of and incursions into Palestinian areas, house demolitions, and agricultural land leveling.  This week, 12 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children and a mentally handicapped young man, were killed by Israeli forces.

Report from Rafah Block 'O'

Kristen Ess
Gaza Strip
19 December 2002

Block O in Rafah is almost empty now. Most of the people have gone. The 8 meter high, 10 meter deep prison wall that the Israeli military government is building — as it devastates Rafah — is growing. Kristen Ess writes from the occupied Gaza Strip.

Photostory: Home demolitions in Rafah (part 1 of 2)

Darren Ell
19 December 2002

The Israeli army has destroyed over 350 homes and damaged 500 in the Rafah neighborhoods of Gaza, along the Egyptian border. The following photo reportage on the destruction of homes in the Block O and Block J neighborhoods of Rafah was made by Canadian photographer Darren Ell in November 2002.

Hundreds of Muslim immigrants rounded up in California

Jill Serjeant
19 December 2002

Hundreds of Iranian and other Middle East citizens were in southern California jails on Wednesday after coming forward to comply with a new rule to register with immigration authorities only to wind up handcuffed and behind bars. A disturbing Reuters report by Jill Serjeant.

Appeal to halt construction of Israel's apartheid wall denied

19 December 2002

LAW today received a decision on an appeal filed on September 12 on behalf of four residents of Kufr Aqab in East Jerusalem to temporarily halt construction of a 3.8 km section of Israel’s “security wall,” running between Kufr Aqab and the Ofer military detention center, separating Kufr Aqab from Jerusalem. The wall shall be built near homes and built-up residential areas.

Oscar draws ire for snubbing Palestinian film

Michael Posner
18 December 2002

Although Divine Intervention has been draped with awards at film festivals, including the Jury Prize at Cannes last May, it is not eligible for consideration in the Oscar’s best-foreign-film category because Palestine is not a country. Michael Posner reports for the Globe and Mail.

Fundamentalisms, media, and the new McCarthyism: how demagogues are hijacking Washington, DC

Laurie King
18 December 2002

“It is increasingly clear that Arabs and Muslims are the new enemy in Washington, a national capital that many find reminiscent of the dark days of the McCarthy Era.” A presentation delivered by EI’s Laurie King-Irani at the seventh annual “Common Terms: The Dialogue of Civilizations” conference sponsored by the Imam Musa Sadr Foundation, 13 December 2002, in Beirut, Lebanon.

800 American professors sign document warning of coming Israeli ethnic cleansing

Nigel Parry
18 December 2002

Earlier this year, 187 Israeli professors signed an “Urgent Warning” letter titled “The Israeli government may be contemplating crimes against humanity.” Today, 800 American professors have signed a similar document, warning of coming Israeli ethnic cleansing. EI’s Nigel Parry reports.

Israeli checkpoints result in death of two Palestinian babies

Patricia Smith
Beit Hanina
18 December 2002

Adla Abdel Jaber As-Sayyefi, 37 years old, went into labour at around 3am on the morning of December 10th. Her husband rushed to his parent’s house concerned because Adla was due to go hospital to have an operation as it was going to be a breech birth, but she went into labour too early. Patricia Smith tells the story.


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