South African speaker says Israel is apartheid state

20 October 2002

Anti-apartheid activist Na’eem Jeenah presented a lecture at McGill University in Montreal entitled “The African Apartheid and the Palestinian Plight.” During his lecture Jeenah made mention of various practices of the South African government during apartheid and showed how these practices share commonalities with the current Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinian people.

In Middle East, Heaviest Toll Exacted on Civilians

Molly Moore
Rafah refugee camp
19 October 2002

In the space of a few minutes Thursday afternoon, the narrow main street of O Block became a corridor of fiery metal shards and flying body parts. In the end, six Palestinians who had been going about their daily lives — buying snacks, gossiping with neighbors, taking an afternoon nap — were dead, and 45 other Palestinians had been injured, mostly by shrapnel. Two other Palestinian men, who remained unidentified, were reported killed near the edge of O Block, but Palestinian medical officials said the Israeli military had not allowed ambulances to retrieve their bodies. Washington Post reporter Molly Moore writes from Rafah Refugee Camp in Gaza. [may require registration]

The Chain of Command

Uri Avnery
19 October 2002

There is little controversy about the facts: last Thursday, in an IDF action in Rafah, at least eight Palestinians were killed (the number will probably climb, since some of the wounded were severely hurt). Five of those killed were woman and children. Almost fifty people were wounded - many of them children who had just left their school after lessons. Who is to blame? asks veteran Israeli activist Uri Avnery.

Weekly report on human rights violations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
18 October 2002

Israeli occupying forces have committed further human rights violations against Palestinian civilians, including apparent willful killings, extra-judicial assassinations, indiscriminate shelling, and incursions into Palestinian areas and the razing of agricultural land. This week, 16 Palestinian civilians, including five children and three women were killed.

UN agency sends team to Gaza camp to examine damage caused by Israeli military

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East
18 October 2002

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East sent an assessment team to Rafah to examine the damage caused by yesterday’s Israeli military actions at the refugee camp there.

Abunimah responds to Kotzin in <I>Chicago Sun-Times</I>

Ali Abunimah
17 October 2002

In a published letter, EI’s Ali Abunimah responds to a Chicago Sun-Times commentary accusing him of hiding behind an “image of moderation” to advance a hate-filled agenda. As Abunimah points out, it is the commentary’s author who is using such personal attacks to cover up Israel history of attacks on Palestinians and ever louder calls in Israel for total ethnic cleansing.

U.S. aims pop music at Arab world

Susan Taylor Martin
17 October 2002

“Uncle Sam gets hip with a new radio station that mixes pop music with Arabic newscasts. Some question its chance of success. In the Arab world, Uncle Sam is often viewed as a meddling tyrant or arrogant superpower,” writes Susan Taylor Martin in the St. Petersburg Times’. EI’s Ali Abunimah is among those she interviews about what they make of it all.

Just Call Him the 'Oud' Man of Music

Ayaz Nanji
16 October 2002


Najeeb Shaheen in NY, September 2002. Photo by Nigel Parry.

Najeeb Shaheen builds, repairs and plays the oud in two bands. Shaheen’s father was a professor of music and a master oud player, and his grandfather was a musician and a church cantor. His brother, Simon Shaheen, is known as one of the oud’s most accomplished adherents, and played on Sting’s song ‘Desert Rose’.

Najeeb learned his craftsman’s skills from a one-time Israeli citizen who now builds violins for a living in Manhattan. “Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree. Most often we disagree,” said Segal. “But we are like brothers, bonded by music, and so it has become a joke as well. If I tell him to move from one seat to another, he will turn to me and say, ‘What? You stole my land and now you want my chair as well?’ ” Ayaz Nanji profiles Najeeb in Newsday.

80 percent of Palestinians killed by IDF while enforcing curfew are children

16 October 2002

The Israeli army has killed 15 Palestinian civilians for violating the curfew in West Bank cities reoccupied since June, and 12 of the dead were children, the Israeli rights group B’Tselem said in a report published today.

Apocalypse, Nu?

Laurie King
15 October 2002

Evangelicals, Likudniks, and Neo-Cons come out of the closet to battle evil, hasten the End Time—and secure Republican House seats before half the electorate is raptured out of key voting districts. BNN’s Loreh al-Malikeh goes behind the scenes of the new Goy Pride movement to ask: “What would a certain rabble-rousing itinerant preacher from Nazareth do?”


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