Israeli MFA distorts scale of destruction Jenin refugee camp

Arjan El Fassed
28 August 2002

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website is attempting to minimize the scale of the IDF’s destruction of the Jenin refugee camp through a Flash presentation.

Reuters photographer injured in Ramallah shooting incident

Reporters Without Borders
28 August 2002

On 27 August 2002, RSF protested the injuring of Reuters photographer Ammar Awad in a shooting by Israeli soldiers in Ramallah during a clash with Palestinian youths on 26 August.

Weekly report on human rights violations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
27 August 2002

Israeli occupying forces have perpetrated more human rights violations against Palestinian civilians and their property. They have continued to use Palestinian civilians as human shields, contrary to the Israeli High Court decision issued last week.

IDF continues use of 'neighbor procedure'

27 August 2002

Report from this Israeli human rights organisation that documents continued use of Palestinians as human shields by the Israeli army.

The growing clamor for ethnic cleansing

Ali Abunimah
27 August 2002

Gamla, an Israeli organization has published detailed plans for the “complete elimination of the Arab demographic threat to Israel” by forcibly expelling all Palestinians. Gamla receives tax deductible contributions via a US charity whose stated goal is “promoting greater tolerance and understanding between religious and secular communities and between Arabs and Jews.” The Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah investigates.

Israeli Army report on killing of photographer "lacking all balance and credibility," says IFJ

International Federation of Journalists
27 August 2002

The Israeli army report on the circumstances of the killing of an Italian photographer earlier this year in the West Bank town of Ramallah was rejected as ‘lacking all balance and credibility’ by the International Federation of Journalists today.

Economist: Jenin's massacre myth

Ali Abunimah and
Nigel Parry
24 August 2002

“Palestinians accused Israel of massacring up to 500 civilians [in Jenin].” You’ve seen the claim. It’s been so oft-repeated that you might remember hearing it from the horse’s mouth. But it didn’t really happen. EI asks the Economist for a source.

At Work - Global Campaign To Rebuild Palestinian Homes

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
24 August 2002

Stones and rocks from adjacent hills were laid in courses on top of one another and concrete was poured between the stones and behind them to bind everything together. It was an ideal construction method for unskilled labor.

Return to Sender -- 55,000 Times 

Noah Shachtman
23 August 2002

Law professor and pro-Palestinian agitator Francis Boyle expected to have a lot of e-mail waiting for him after his two-and-a-half-week vacation. But he never imagined that there would be 55,000 messages packing his inbox — many of them hurt, even belligerent, notes from friends and fellow activists. The message that supposedly came from Boyle was a forgery — one of thousands sent out in the names and from e-mail addresses of prominent advocates for the Palestinians — designed to sow dissension, create confusion and waste time in the activist community. Noah Shachtman reports in Wired.

The blogging war

Alan D. Abbey
23 August 2002

Arjan El Fassed, 28, is a Dutch-Palestinian resident of Ar-Ram, a Ramallah suburb, who has recently published op-ed pieces in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Newsday. “TalG” is the online name of a 30-something resident of Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood who has been quoted in recent articles in the Christian Science Monitor, as well as numerous Web sites. Their politics couldn’t be more different. What they have in common is they are both “bloggers,” writers of online diaries known as “blogs.”


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