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WFP urges restraint after Gaza warehouse destruction

World Food Programme
2 December 2002

In response to the weekend demolition of a WFP warehouse by the Israeli Defence Forces, WFP is urging the Israeli government to observe humanitarian principles and compensate the agency for its losses.

B'Tselem report: Israel's failure to stop settler attacks on Palestinian olive harvesters

2 December 2002

Groups of armed settlers have been disrupting the olive harvest in the West Bank since the harvest began in October. These groups have carried out systematic and violent attacks on Palestinians who were harvesting olives. B’Tselem reports on Israel’s response to settler attacks on olive harvesters.

Israeli forces search journalist's home

1 December 2002

Three men, one dressed as an Israeli soldier and two wearing masks, entered the home of an Associated Press photographer at about 3 a.m. Sunday, rummaging through cabinets, desks and closets and emptying a jewelry box before leaving after about 30 minutes, the family said.

Israeli forces kill two Palestinian civilians and demolish three houses

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
1 December 2002

Two Palestinian civilians were killed and 20 people wounded when Israeli forces late last night moved in to Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip. During the incursion they also demolished three houses. PCHR reports from Gaza.

Why Does the Leopard Hide his Spots?

Uri Avnery
30 November 2002


I loath Binyamin Netanyahu, and therefore I hoped that he would be elected leader of the Likud. I am sorry that Sharon won the primary election instead. Veteran Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery comments.

Curfew tensions in Bethlehem

Toine van Teeffelen
30 November 2002


While walking up into the main Madbasseh street, Mary saw a toshe (quarrel) at a falafel place; about nothing she later heard, but the atmosphere and people’s faces were so threatening that she decided not to do shopping and return home. The tension is also palpable in the refugee camps which are crowded and bear a large share of the arrests. Toine van Teeffelen writes from Bethlehem.

Palestinian Children in the Night

Sam Bahour
29 November 2002

We found ourselves in the midst of a crowd of over 300 cheering Palestinians. Between us and another group of a few dozen Palestinian youth were two United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) representatives. The two representatives were clearly American, in looks and accents. A few of the Palestinians standing behind the UNDP representatives slowly walked up behind them and one pulled from a bag what looked like a one-meter wooden bat.

Weekly report on human rights violations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
28 November 2002

Israeli occupying forces have perpetrated more human rights violations against Palestinian civilians, including willful killings, shelling of, and incursion into Palestinian areas and agricultural land leveling.  This week, 21-27 November 2002, 7 civilians – 6 Palestinians and an UNRWA official – and a security man were killed by Israeli forces.  This number does not include Palestinians who were killed in military attacks.

Arabs thankful as tornado hits Iowa

Najeeb Al-Anbarri
27 November 2002


As a massive tornado devastated central Iowa today, causing an estimated $300 million in damage, Arabs in the state expressed relief that an Arab was not determined to be behind the events. BNN’s Najeeb Al-Anbarri reports.

"Jenin Jenin" features at International Documentary Filmfestival

Arjan El Fassed
27 November 2002

“Jenin Jenin”, a 54-minute documentary made by Palestinian filmmaker/actor Muhammad Bakri, features at the International Documentary Filmfestival (IDFA) in Amsterdam. This film is Bakri’s most cutting statement yet. Bakri says that the film is about “human suffering as such - about a wounded soul, a demolished home, a felled tree, a picked flower, a broken heart.”


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