Boycott roundup: activists mark holidays with boycott carols and victories

Over the past two weeks, Palestine solidarity activists across the US launched holiday-themed actions encouraging shoppers not to buy Israeli-made products. Meanwhile, BDS activists in Scotland claimed a major victory when the Edinburgh city council rejected a bid by French urban contracting company Veolia to take over public services in the city. 

Resisting an ideology of inequality: Jody McIntyre interviewed

Over the past month, journalist and activist Jody McIntyre has joined a growing number of students, workers, activists and others in the UK protesting a government decision to cut public sector funding, especially to education. Jody, who spent months alongside Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip protesting the Israeli occupation, is now back in London attending and reporting on various student-led actions. The Electronic Intifada’s Matthew Cassel spoke with Jody at his south London home. 

Beit Ommar returns to its roots

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank village of Beit Ommar are returning to older models of organizing against the Israeli occupation. These organizers are employing strategies of resistance made famous during the first intifada in order to overcome stagnation and division within Palestinian society. Mousa Abu Maria of the Palestine Solidarity Project analyzes. 

Boycott roundup: French companies to drop out of Jerusalem rail project

In a significant victory for the global Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, French companies Veolia and Alstom have dropped out of the Jerusalem light rail project due to sustained pressure from Palestine solidarity groups. The companies were contracted by the Israeli government to construct and manage the tramway linking Jerusalem to several illegal Israeli settlement colonies in the occupied West Bank. 

Activism roundup: Abu Rahme sentence extended, students stage mock checkpoint

An Israeli military judge extended the jail term for Abdallah Abu Rahme, a well-known Palestinian activist who was due to be released on 18 November. Meanwhile, in New York City, students created a mock Israeli checkpoint in the middle of Columbia University and in Scotland Edinburgh-based activists worked with one of the country’s top law firms to advise the city council not to contract with Veolia.