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Palestinian student councils condemn UK Labour Students for breaking BDS picket line

A open letter from a huge coalition of Palestinian student groups published today, condemns the UK Labour party student officers who went on a recent propaganda tour of Israel and illegal Israeli settlements, for crossing “a picket line established by the entirety of the Palestinian civil society”. 

Israeli propaganda officer boasted of taking UK Labour Students partying in Tel Aviv, deletes Tweet

Since the story of the Labour party students officers who took an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel and its illegal West Bank settlements broke last week, they have been coming under increasing pressure from student activists. But strong evidence has now emerged the delegation spent a night clubbing in Tel Aviv with a spokesperson for the the Israeli occupation army in the West Bank. 

UK Labour Party student officials face backlash over free tour of Israel, settlements

A member of the UK’s National Union of Students Executive Council has denounced several youth and student officers from the opposition Labour Party for taking part in an all-expenses-paid tour of Israel and its illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. The Labour students delegation met with Captain Barak Raz, an Israeli army spokesperson and other Israeli officials.