American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

New film on unsolved terrorist attack that murdered Palestinian-American leader nearly three decades ago

The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) last week marked 27 years since the murder by bombing of Alex Odeh with a minute of silence and a call to action. Odeh, a Palestinian originally from Jifna, a West Bank village near the university town of Birzeit, was the ADC’s leader in California. In a press release, the ADC promoted this new short film which gives a good overview of the case, which remains unsolved to this day. The ADC said in an email to EI that the film was made by an ADC activist. It’s well worth a watch as it contains contemporary TV news reports about this 1985 terrorist attack. 

Twenty years later, still no charges in Alex Odeh assassination

On the morning of Oct. 11, 1985 Alex Odeh made his way to his Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee office in Santa Ana, California. Odeh was likely tired as he climbed to the second-story office — he had been up past midnight the night before, appearing on a late-night talk show where he condemned the killing days earlier of Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year old Jewish New Yorker shot and dumped into the Mediterranean by Palestinian gunmen aboard the Achille Lauro cruise ship. On the show, Odeh had also repeated his oft-stated belief that peace and cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis was not only necessary, it was possible. 

ADC Remembers Alex Odeh

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) today marks the 20th year since the murder of Alex Odeh. Odeh, ADC’s Southern California Regional Director, was killed on October 11, 1985, when a powerful pipe bomb exploded as he unlocked and opened the door of the ADC office in Santa Ana, California. In addition to killing Odeh, the bomb injured several other victims. According to press reports, the FBI has identified members of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) as suspects in this act of domestic terrorism.