Save the Children

Listen to the children on Israel's Wall

Two years after the International Court of Justice advised that Israel’s separation Wall should be taken down, two members of the international Save the Children alliance, UK and Sweden, working in the occupied Palestinian territory report that Palestinian children still fear the Wall and talk forcefully about its negative impacts on their lives. The Israeli government began construction of the Wall five years ago. Built almost entirely on West Bank lands, the Wall is over twice as long as the 1967 border with Israel. 

Rights of Palestinian children "compromised"

Ongoing violence and escalating poverty continue to have a detrimental affect on peoples’ lives and the lives of children in particular. Save the Children UK says that under current conditions the rights of children living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including their rights to survival, protection and to development, are being compromised. Children and their families have been cut off from accessing basic services such as health care facilities and schools. 

Growing up under curfew

The tragic situation faced by children in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is the subject of a report put together by staff from Save the Children UK and Sweden who have joined forces and plan to launch it at the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva in April 2003. 

Education under occupation

Since September 2000, there has been a dramatic deterioration of children’s rights in the Palestinian Territories. This study was conducted by Save the Children between April and June 2001. It examines the effects of this deterioration on the education system and calls for better monitoring of children’s rights in the Palestinian Territories.