Education under occupation

Since September 2000, there has been a dramatic deterioration of children’s rights in the Palestinian Territories. This study was conducted by Save the Children between April and June 2001. It examines the effects of this deterioration on the education system and calls for better monitoring of children’s rights in the Palestinian Territories.

Israel is responsible for the application of children’s rights in the Palestinian Territories, but it rejects the applicability of the relevant treaties to its actions there. This legal situation obstructs the ability of all groups in the Palestinian Territories to develop their rights and undermines the quality and developmental impact of education.

This study shows that Palestinian children’s lives are tense, and dominated by the political violence that surrounds them. Home life is more boring, but children (especialy girls) have to spend a greater proportion of their day at home. The study finds that dropout rates are decreasing overall, but that girls are more at risk of dropout.

The recommendations arising from this study come from children and from Save the Children. Children recommended that schools should help them develop their capacity to deal with the challenges of life under occupation, asking for more extra-curricular activities and better quality teaching. They also suggested how schools can help children secure their rights and understand their present and future life.

Save the Children calls for a clear recognition of the applicability of international law to the Palestinian Territories, better monitoring of children’;s rioghts in the Palestinian Territories, and for clear commitments to maintain investment in Palestinian educational infrastructure.

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