The Palestinian Environment NGO Network (PENGON)

Environmental crisis will soon erupt in Gaza

As part its assault on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Air Force attacked three bridges and the Gaza City power station, cutting power to much of the area. One of the bridges is that of the Wadi Gaza where some environmental non-governmental organization members of PENGON have implemented a solar energy powered lighting project in the area as a means to promote environmental friendly technology and to reduce pollution from fuel based power generation. Part of the project has been destroyed from the strike as well. 

Open letter from Palestinian Civil Society in Support of AUT Academic Boycott

On 16 May 2005, a large number of Palestinian non-governmental organizations wrote to express their full support of the decision made by AUT delegates on the 22nd of April to launch immediate boycotts of Haifa and Bar-Ilan Universities. According to the signatories, the motion “marks an historic moment in the global movement to isolate Apartheid Israel as a means of forging effective solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom, self-determination and sovereignty.” 

Largest demolition in years: Israel destroys entire commercial market in one day

Marking the single largest demolition of buildings in years, the entire commercial area of Nazlat ‘Isa was today raised to the ground as some 15 bulldozers, accompanied by large numbers of military and border police, entered the community at 5:00 AM and destroyed over 100 shops and 5 homes. The market, which was previously targeted in January of this year with the destruction of 82 or close to , of its shops, has been the commercial center for the entire region. The bulldozers began the demolitions early in the morning and continued unabated until the late hours of the night. 

Destruction for the Wall

Israeli bulldozers, accompanied with three military jeeps along with armed guards of the Israeli construction companies, began bulldozing 50 dunums of lands along the eastern side of the Qalqiliya Wall for its so-called “buffer zone”. Among the destruction were vegetables crops and water pipes. The buffer zone of this portion of the Wall will be 50 meters wide and run the length of 2 kilometers. The decision to restart the work in the area was sudden and with no notification as very few people among the landowners were present upon the arrival of the bulldozers. 

Take Action against the Apartheid Wall

PENGON, the Palestinian Environment NGO Network, a member of Habitat International Coalition - Housing & Land Rights Network and OMCT jointly call for immediate action against the wall’s construction. They ask you to take immediate action. 

Take action against the Apartheid Wall in Palestine

The Palestinian Environment NGO Network (PENGON), member of Habitat International Coalition - Housing & Land Rights Network and OMCT jointly appeal for an immediate stop to the wall’s construction. They ask you to take urgent action. 

Appeal from the residents of Qalqiliya

“This is an appeal for help and an honor sent from the hearts of thousands of children, women and elders whose trees are being uprooted, whose lands are being razed, whose elders and children are being beaten daily.” The people of Qalqiliya, the Land Defense Committees and the Apartheid Wall Campaign - PENGON, the Farmers Union, and popular and local organizations in Qalqiliya ask for help. 

Immediate threat of 'transfer' of Daba'a due to Israel's apartheid wall

The Daba’a Municipality has yesterday for the first time
this week been able to access village lands near the village residential area, where they found some 250 explosives, placed some 3 meters deep, that will be used to clear the rocky landscape in the area to make way for Israel’s apartheid wall. The explosives are located an average of 50 meters away from the village’s residential area, and whose blasts will cause the complete damage of a number of homes and partial damage to others, says the Palestinian environmental network PENGON