Palestine Action Forum of New York (PAFNY)

NYC Activists Call for End of CAT's Support for Israeli Human Rights Abuses

April 14, 2005, New York, NY - In Manhattan yesterday, sixty human rights activists marked the International Day of Action Against Caterpillar by protesting outside of the Manhattan office of Caterpillar Board member Gail Fosler. Chanting and holding large photos of CAT bulldozers demolishing Palestinian homes and of Rachel Corrie who was killed by a CAT bulldozer in Rafah, activists handed out hundreds of flyers to passersby and individuals leaving Fosler’s office building at 845 3rd Avenue. Fosler, who was attending the CAT shareholder meeting in Chicago, works as a Senior Vice President for The Conference Board in Manhattan. 

New Yorkers erect a "Separation" Wall in Midtown Manhattan

Approximately 150 New Yorkers converged at Bryant Park, Manhattan, carrying three sixty-yard mock “walls” depicting the 25-ft.-high wall enclosing the Palestinian peoples in the West Bank. The protesters marched down 42nd street to Grand Central Station where they carried the wall inside to display it for passer-bys, while chanting “Tear Down the Wall.” “We are sending a message to our governments to stop their support of this hideous act of ethnic cleansing veiled behind ‘security’ rhetoric,” said Omar Jamal of SUSTAIN-NYC