P10K Founder on Hunger Strike in Israeli Jail for attempting to enter Gaza

Irish American political activist Ken O’Keefe is on hunger strike in an Israeli jail whilst fighting deportation after being arrested for attempting to enter Gaza on Thursday. Last year, the former US Marine and Gulf War veteran returned to Iraq with more than 500 Human Shields. After entering Gaza via a settlement, he was detained by 10 Israeli soldiers whilst walking along the beach into the Palestinian area. O’Keefe wished to strengthen his contact with Palestinian militant groups Islamic Jihad and Hamas, and personally discuss with leaders in Gaza his P10K plan to bring 10,000 western citizens to act as international observers in the Palestinian Occupied Territories. 

P10K: 10,000 international observers needed in Palestine

Ex-US Marine/Gulf War Veteran & Founder of the Human Shield Action to Iraq Ken O’Keefe announces P10K FORCE’ plan to Mobilize 10,000 International Observers from Western Nations to the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) — Launching September 11, 2004. Press conference details — When: Wednesday June 9th, 1300 1300-1330, Questions 1330-End. Where: American Colony Hotel - East Jerusalem. Who: Ken O’Keefe, Ian Hodgson (P10K Coordinator), Rihab Aisawi (who has lost three loved ones to the occupation). 

Letter to Bush informs of P10K intent to bring 10,000 Western citizens to Palestine

A new activist group, P10K, seeks to bring 10,000 western citizens to Palestine in exchange for a ceasefire by Palestinian militant groups. The following “International Notice” to US President George W. Bush informs him of the plan and outlines the reasoning behind the initiative. The P10K website states that “The presence of P10K would be a huge act of solidarity with the Palestinian people, would show them that there are indeed millions of people in the west who despise the policies of their governments, and that thousands of them are actively willing to do something about it.”