Letter to Bush informs of P10K intent to bring 10,000 Western citizens to Palestine

President George W. Bush waves from Marine One as he departs the White House Friday, May 7, 2004. (Whitehouse/Paul Morse)


To: President George W Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

From: P10K Force Founder Ken O’Keefe
#12 Cardozo Road
N7 9RL

Tuesday 4th May, 2004

Aloha George,

It is my great honour to inform you of the P10K Force; a true peace keeping force without weapons, which has been created in order to fill the void left by inept and/or corrupt nation/state governments and the United Nations (UN). As you are surely aware, numerous public and legal requests by the Palestinian people through their democratically elected leaders in accordance with established legal channels have been made for an International Peacekeeping Force and/or International Observers to mobilize in Palestine in order to protect them against ongoing loss of life inflicted by the occupying power, Israel.

These requests have been made due to conclusively documented human rights violations, including legitimate claims of mass murder in Jenin and other locations within the occupied territories that remain uninvestigated at Israel’s (the accused party’s) insistence. Despite these repeated requests, no satisfying action has been taken by western governments nor the UN, atrocities continue to be alleged and it is this inaction which has necessitated the formation of the P10K Force.

The P10K Force shall be comprised of a minimum of 10,000 western citizens who are legally bound by contract to fully disclose their identity and affiliations in order to assure that no person is in any way a threat to the security of Palestinians or Israeli’s. Furthermore, each P10K Force participant will be legally bound to non-violent actions and complete respect for Inherent Human Rights.

The P10K Force Mission is simple and powerful and non-negotiable; the P10K Force shall respectfully mobilize in Palestine by September 11th 2004 in return for a publicly guaranteed ceasefire from resisting Palestinian factions, including Islamic Jihad, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Hizbollah and Hamas. We are emphatically calling on Israel to also cease any and all offensive operations in occupied Palestine.

This LEGAL NOTICE is hereby served to you and your government via registered mail and in addition, posted on the World Wide Web at; http://www.P10K.net/international_notice.htm

This has been done in order to inform you of the P10K Force’s lawful intent to remedy the above situation, which indeed threatens the safety and security of our world.

In accordance with International Law, a standard 30 DAY OBJECTION PERIOD is hereby provided as both a courtesy (so as not to hinder any possible actions your government believes would negate the need for the P10K Force) and as a legal instrument with the power to compel a written objection from the United States Government or, lacking any legally received written objection, ‘tacit consent’ to the conclusions that follow. Objections must be sent via registered mail to;

#12 Cardozo Road
N7 9RL

Tacit Consent by the United States Government will be presented to the international community as full and unconditional support by the United States Government for this citizen initiated legal remedy.

P10K Conclusions

1. The ongoing loss of life in Palestine and Israel is both tragic and completely unacceptable, and demands an immediate non-violent legal remedy.

2. The ongoing occupation of Palestine by Israel is illegal (despite repeated vetoes by the United States which attempt to deny this fact).

3. The illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel is the primary root cause of violent resistance by Palestinians, and is therefore counter to the interests of “security” for Israel.

4. The “separation wall/security fence” being constructed by Israel is illegal and intends to unlawfully annexe further Palestinian land, which in turn will increase violent Palestinian resistance and is therefore counter to the “security” interests of Israel.

5. A guaranteed ceasefire on behalf of the resisting factions within Palestine would signal a genuine offer for a just and peaceful settlement to the conflict.

6. A guaranteed ceasefire on behalf of the Israeli Government would signal a genuine offer for a just and peaceful settlement to the conflict.

7. Citizens of the world whose security is directly threatened by inaction and corruption of nation/state governments and the United Nations have both a legal and moral right to effect a non-violent legal remedy in order to protect themselves and future generations.

Western Hypocrisy

The US led invasion of Iraq has resulted in the death of at least 10,000 Iraqi civilians and tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers. Worse yet, the invasion was based on what is now known to be outright lies and/or false “intelligence” claiming Iraq was an “imminent threat” to the safety of the world at large by virtue of its alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Considering the fact that Israel is known to have chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and has publicly stated its willingness to use these weapons, it is infinite hypocrisy to effectively ignore Israel’s known WMD program which is literally capable of total global destruction, while at the same time actively participating in or complicit with mass murder in Iraq.

Both Saddam Hussein and Ariel Sharon have been formerly charged with war crimes; both have been extensively armed by the United States Government, yet the Arab ally receives one justice while the Israeli ally receives tacit amnesty. It is no wonder the Arab/Muslim world sees the west with such scorn (often hatred) that increasingly manifests itself in the form of violence. The United States Government may be lost in these understandings, but many of your citizens who will inevitably participate in the P10K Force, are not.

Since our western nations continue to employ violent policies of war directed at Arab/Islamic nations such as Iraq and Afghanistan while completely ignoring or paying lip service to Israel’s genocidal policies against Arab Palestinians, the P10K Force commits itself to right these wrongs and firmly establish that many if not most of us in the west consider these acts for what they are, mass murder.

So, in contradiction to the violent western policies born out of our so-called “democracies”, we as peace loving western citizens intend to transcend such madness and effect a non-violent, legal remedy for Palestine and Israel. We intend to fulfil the logic, intelligence and legal obligations set forth in one of the few good things to come out of the United Nations;

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
PREAMBLE - Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,…’

Our nations may be incapable of honouring the wisdom of the above, but we as human beings who acknowledge our place in the human family certainly are not. With that in mind, we as the P10K Force will effect the ceasefire and maintain the P10K Force in Palestine until we compel the application of International Law; and that demands an end to Israel’s illegal occupation. This intent is now served to you for your endorsement or objection.


Ken O’Keefe - P10K Founder

PS - My lawful renunciation of United States citizenship in Vancouver, Canada on March 1, 2001 is not subject to the U.S. Government’s approval. I am not your property nor your citizen; in fact I am a lawfully registered World citizen (#321831).

And I must state once more my complete contempt for your policies that do grave injury to the United States Constitution and Human Rights period. I despise your policies that subject “America’s sons and daughters” to that which you so cowardly avoided during the Vietnam War. Many of us remember all too well the fact that Vietnam claimed 58,000 American lives along with 3-4 million Asian lives; while you simply didn’t show up for service. You my lost brother are a de facto president (dictator), traitor and history will eventually judge you as such.

You and your father’s use of Depleted Uranium in Iraq (and beyond) necessitates that both you and your father be recognized for what you are; war criminals, additionally guilty of crimes against humanity.

And lastly, UNITED STATES PUBLIC LAW 103-150… read it.

For more information, see http://www.P10K.net/