Natasha Tsangarides

"An experiment in building a better world"

“Freedom Clothing Project is an experiment in building a better world — I know that sounds a bit grand, but we wanted to try to make a clothing company unlike any other.” Freedom Clothing Project Ltd is a UK not-for-profit cooperative founded in 2005, comprising a small handful of friends and relations. The Electronic Intifada contributor Natasha Tsangarides spoke to project director Joe Turner about his work and the current trading obstacles. 

Theatre review: "Sunlight at Midnight"

Sunlight at Midnight explores one man’s existential crisis as circumstances around him force him to confront his identity, his heritage, and his people’s history. Using oral histories from Sabra and Shatila refugee camp, television footage, and live music, Sunlight at Midnight successfully transports the audience into the refugee camps and back into one man’s uncomfortable psyche. Natasha Tsangarides reviews for EI