Matthew Cassel

Egyptian activist Mona Seif: It's a revolution, and it's not over

11 February 2011 will forever be an historic day for Egypt. It was then that weeks of protests around the country finally forced Hosni Mubarak, the US-backed president of the country for the past 30 years, to leave office. On 12 February, EI’s Matthew Cassel spoke with blogger and activist Mona Seif about the revolution, how it began, and what it means for Egypt’s future. 

From the front lines of the Egyptian uprising

Regardless of what sparked the situation that exists today, Arabs are uniting in their resistance to Western interference in the region and its oppressive autocracies. As one Egyptian activist said to me yesterday, “They try to say that we Arabs are all different and we’re disconnected. But look what’s happening now: uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen — even Jordan! We are one, it’s absolutely clear.” Matthew Cassel comments from Cairo. 

Resisting an ideology of inequality: Jody McIntyre interviewed

Over the past month, journalist and activist Jody McIntyre has joined a growing number of students, workers, activists and others in the UK protesting a government decision to cut public sector funding, especially to education. Jody, who spent months alongside Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip protesting the Israeli occupation, is now back in London attending and reporting on various student-led actions. The Electronic Intifada’s Matthew Cassel spoke with Jody at his south London home. 

Protection by any means necessary

This month, Palestinians in Lebanon commemorated the 28th anniversary of a crime whose perpetrators remain unpunished and whose victims still wait for justice. Around the anniversary of the massacres at Sabra and Shatila, Matthew Cassel spoke with Palestinian refugees in Lebanon about the issue of their weapons and their ongoing struggle for rights.