Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

Groups urge Clinton to intervene in case of jailed rights defender

Madame Secretary, we respectfully request that your office investigate the arrest, unlawful treatment, and detention of Mr. Makhoul and use its considerable diplomatic influence to bring an end to his arbitrary detention and to ensure that Israel, a leading recipient of US military and economic aid, comply with its commitment under US law and international legal norms. 

Half-yearly report on house demolitions in Jerusalem

During the first half of the year 2006, 47 structures were demolished in East Jerusalem by the Municipality of Jerusalem and/or the Ministry of Interior. There were 16 pirate gas stations included in that statistic, therefore a net total of 31 residential structures was demolished. Relative to preceding years, this represents a decline in the number of home demolitions in Jerusalem. Were this decline to continue proportionately for the remainder of the year, the annual number would be approx. 70 structures, i.e. 20 less than in 2005. 

Two homes demolished by Caterpillar excavation drills in Anata

At approximately 8:00 am, less than 12 hours before Caterpillar shareholders were scheduled to meet in Chicago to discuss a resolution concerning sales of bulldozers to Israel, 60 Israeli soldiers accompanied two Caterpillar excavation drills to the Yamani home in Anata on the outskirts of East Jerusalem. The family of 12 was given 30 minutes to remove their belongings from the 80 meter home. It took approximately 30 minutes for the Caterpillar excavation drills to destroy the home along with the animal stable alongside the house. 

A small but welcome step

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) welcomes the decision of the Israeli Army to halt its policy of demolishing Palestinian houses either as punishment for acts of violence or as a deterrent measure. This policy constituted a clear violation of international law, both because it by-passed due process of law in cases where perpetrators were punished before being tried and because it constitutes collective punishment against the families of perpetrators who are innocent of any crime. 

Sanctions against the Israeli occupation - it's time

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t complain about violence on the part of the Palestinians and yet reject effective non-violent measures against the Occupation that support their right to self-determination, such as economic sanctions. You can’t condemn the victims of Occupation for employing terrorism while, by opposing divestment, thereby sheltering the Occupying Power that employs State Terror. In principle ICAHD supports the use of sanctions against countries engaged in egregious violations of human rights and international law, including the use of moral and economic pressures to end Israel’s Occupation. 

Rebuilding the house of Musa Kabu'ah

From August 8 to August 22, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions together with Israeli, Palestinian and international volunteers will rebuild the home of Musa Kabu’ah and his family in Anata. Artists will renovate and paint a kindergarten in the town. The Kabu’ah family was given notice of the demolition order on May 2, 2004. The house was destroyed on June 2, when Israeli soldiers and four bulldozers arrived at the site. The family now lives apart from eachother in makeshift homes. These living conditions, coupled with the events of the demolition, have left the entire family in a desperate state. 

A black day: Jerusalem-Rafah-Tel Aviv

Fifty Israelis demonstrated for the second day at the entrance to the Gaza Strip. Following the killing of innocents in Rafah, 500 Israeli protesters blocked major streets in Tel-Aviv. Eight were arrested and three wounded by police violence. It is 00:30 in Jerusalem, and I’m back from a long day, that unexpectedly has seen this day’s most crucial land marks, at least from the Israeli side. Please excuse me if this report is somehwat confused, but I insisted on sending it ASAP to all of you in America, and many of you whom I know are still awake here. Demonstrations at Sufa checkpoints will resume tomorrow morning. On Friday a large demonstration is planned there. 

The State Comptroller Report for 2003: House Demolitions in the West Bank

The State Comptroller Report for 2003, published recently, exposes a harsh phenomenon that we have known about for a long time and has now received the validation of the highest authority in the country: The funding of illegal building and construction in the West Bank. The funding amounts to NIS 29.7 million. Of the 33 places which received funding, 18 are not included within the boundary of any Jewish settlement. In addition, the Housing and Construction Ministry funded the setting-up of infrastructure in places where the Civil Administration had already issued demolishing orders. 

Israeli activists seek global help to save Palestinian home

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions has issued an urgent appeal to every person concerned with justice, human rights and peace in the Middle East to help save the home of a Palestinian family that has been demolished four previous times. Global citizens are asked to urgently contact their political representatives to demand that the Israeli government rescind the order against the house immediately. The true reason for not granting permits and demolishing homes is to confine Palestinians to bantustans.