Islah Jad

Jenin refugee camp

I got a phone call from a friend in Jenin, his house overlooks the Jenin refugee camp. He told me that what he counted so far is more than 400 missiles fired by Apache helicopters at Jenin refugee camp. His friend inside the camp lost his son of 19 years old, Walid Ibrahim Said. His dead body is with him since two days, as they are unable to bury him or to carry him to the hospital. 

Two letters to a friend in Egypt

People in the International Red Cross do not send any ambulances unless the Israeli army give them a permit. A group of 30 young Palestinians were shot at and, until now, 3 a.m, they have been denied all medical help. This is the third such case documented in Ramallah in the last two days. If you have any medical corps, any contact with humanitarian organisations, please do whatever you can to send them to see what is going on on the ground.