Friends of Birzeit University

Students Under Occupation Take a Stand

In 2005, student photographers from Birzeit University and Al-Najah University in the West Bank came together to document student life and the obstruction of Palestinian education under military occupation, through the artistic expression of their own ideas and experiences. Their photographs have now become an exhibition and a book, launched at Birzeit University in 2006 and currently touring Palestine and the US. Friends of Birzeit University and Foyles will host the first UK view of the exhibition at Foyles’ landmark Charing Cross bookshop. 

Birzeit University International Work camp: Volunteer in Palestine this summer

Since 1981, Birzeit University has organized this two-week camp which gives
international students and others an opportunity to work side by side with
Palestinian students on community-oriented volunteer projects in schools,
municipalities, civil society organizations and more. Participants are also
given an opportunity to visit areas in the West Bank. The camp from 28th July - 7th August 2005 will include voluntary work, visits to Palestinian villages, cities, and refugee camps, opportunities to meet with Palestinian families, political and community leaders, and academics as well as exchange experiences with Palestinian university students.