Students Under Occupation Take a Stand

Exhibition featuring photographs by students at Palestinian universities

Old City, Nablus, July 2005 (Mirna Bamieh)

The Gallery, Foyles Bookshop, 113-119 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EB

The exhibition runs Monday 29th January to Sunday 4th February 2007

Opening times:
Monday-Saturday 9.30am-9.00pm
Sunday 12.00-6.00pm

Private view:
Wednesday 31st January 2007
6.30 - 8.30pm
RSVP: Dan Richards, Friends of Birzeit University
020 7832 1340

Nablus, Old City, July 2005 (Fadwa Basha)

In 2005, student photographers from Birzeit University and Al-Najah University in the West Bank came together to document student life and the obstruction of Palestinian education under military occupation, through the artistic expression of their own ideas and experiences. Their photographs have now become an exhibition and a book, launched at Birzeit University in 2006 and currently touring Palestine and the US. Friends of Birzeit University and Foyles will host the first UK view of the exhibition at Foyles’ landmark Charing Cross bookshop.

“In the world of photographs, when the camera becomes your eyes and your beating heart, the photograph that you take will not be a single moment in your memories, but will be the complete reality and the complete story… It is not just about art photography, it is a moment in history; it is a moment in our time as Palestinian students that tells the world our truth.” Fadwa Basha, student photographer

Abu Dis, Jerusalem, July 2005 (Essam Al-Rimawi)

Qalandia checkpoint, Ramallah-Jerusalem, July 2005 (Essam Al-Rimawi)

As well as capturing the major obstacles to pursuing an education in the occupied West Bank - obstacles which include the routine harassment and arrests of students by Israeli soldiers and the daily struggle to reach school and university under a regime of military checkpoints - the photographers have also reflected on the less visual aspects of student life under occupation. The photographs in the exhibition and book touch on themes as diverse as isolation, poverty, resistance, absent classmates, military barriers, student prisoners and determination.

The Wall at Qalandia, July 2005 (Fadwa Basha)

The exhibition will promote and elevate Palestinian student voices and expression in the UK and document the issues facing Palestinian students and education under occupation in a striking and challenging form.

Graduation day, Birzeit University, July 2005 (Nida Abu Hamdieh)

FoBZU is organising a tour of universities, conferences and other locations throughout the UK. Priority booking is available to affiliates of Birzeit University and Friends of Birzeit University. Please email or call 020 7832 1340 to book the exhibition.

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