FOX News

"But it's Israel!" Fox News crew shot at by Israeli troops

FOX News reporter David Lee Miller was shot at by Israeli troops while reporting from Gaza. The exchange, shown in this clip, between the anchors and the correspondents on the ground is very telling of the ostrich mentality at FOX News. Two of the three anchors, thousands of miles away from the incident, attempt to excuse Israel: “If you’re somebody and you’re a long ways away and you just see something and you don’t know who it is, sometimes you just start shooting”. One is utterly incredulous: “Really?” After exiting the scene with his crew, the journalist, David Lee Miller, had time to put together that the shots originated from the Israeli position several hundred yards away. 

EI on FOX News

EI’s Ali Abunimah was invited on to FOX News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on 28 October 2004 to speak about the fallout in the event of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat not being able to continue to serve in his office. “Anyone who thinks that it makes a jot of difference whether Sharon is removed or Arafat is removed I think will be very disappointed when they see that the conflict grinds on and the only thing that will resolve the conflict is dealing with its root causes: military occupation, settlements and Israel’s determination to hold on to as much Palestinian territory as possible.”