Central Election Commission

Preliminary offical results of the Palestinian parliamentary elections

Dr. Hanna Nasser, chair of the Central Election Commission announced in a press conference in Ramallah the official, but not final results of the parliamentary elections held on January 25th. The results show that Hamas won 76 out of the 132 seats whereas Fatah won 43 and the leftist parties won 9 and 4 for independent candidates. According to Nasser, the results represent only 95 percent of the total votes. The Central Elections Commission indicated that the number of voters reached 1,011,992. The total number of registered voters reached 1,332,396. The voting percentage reached 74.64%. 414 candidates competed for the 16 electoral districts and there were 11 electoral lists with 314 candidates competing nationwide. 

CEC: Statement on the 2005 Presidential Election (includes official results)

The 2005 Palestinian presidential election was held in an orderly fashion, thanks in great part to the cooperation received from Palestinian citizens. However, with respect to the electoral process to this point, the CEC makes the following two qualifications: 1. Israeli forces which continue to occupy Palestine imposed huge obstacles to the participation of Jerusalemite citizens in the elections. 2. On Election Day, the CEC received thousands of telephone calls from individuals whose names appear on the civil register, but who were unable to locate their polling centers. It became clear that this problem had the potential to deprive many voters of their voting rights. 

CEC: End of Polling

The CEC has completed the polling process for the 2005 Presidential Election, and is able to present some information about voter turnout for the poll. The Head of the Electoral Commission, Dr Hanna Nasir, released that information to the media this evening in Ramallah. “Approximately seventy per cent of registered voters voted today,” said Dr Nasir, “While approximately only ten per cent of unregistered voters turned out.” A total of around 700,000 registered voters were joined at the polls by around 70,000 unregistered voters, including 30,000 who registered on arrival at the polling centres on election day. 

CEC: Polling centers opening hours extended

The CEC has extended opening hours for polling centers in all electoral districts by 2 hours. Polling centers will now remain open until 9PM. The CEC took this step after determining that limitations on the movement of Palestinians within and between Palestinian towns continue to be imposed by the Israeli Occupation Army. Obstacles such as checkpoints and military closures have remained in place despite previous Israeli statements that they would be lifted during the Palestinian Presidential Elections to allow for free, fair and transparent elections. 

CEC: Some Obstacles Facing the Polling Process

CEC Media Section, 9 January 13.30h — Six hours after opening the opening of polls, Palestinian voters continue to pour into polling centers to cast their votes, despite the failure of the Israeli authorities to deliver on their promises to facilitate the movement of the voters to allow their participation in the electoral process. Some voters, particularly those on the civil registry, have not found their names on the register at the polling centres they have attended. Therefore, we urge voters to check the location of their designated polling centers, and go to vote there.