CEC: End of Polling

The CEC has completed the polling process for the 2005 Presidential Election, and is able to present some information about voter turnout for the poll. The Head of the Electoral Commission, Dr Hanna Nasir, released that information to the media this evening in Ramallah.

“Approximately seventy per cent of registered voters voted today,” said Dr Nasir, “While approximately only ten per cent of unregistered voters turned out.”

A total of around 700,000 registered voters were joined at the polls by around 70,000 unregistered voters, including 30,000 who registered on arrival at the polling centres on election day.

Despite the efforts made by the CEC to include unregistered voters in the poll, ultimately less than ten per cent of all votes cast fell into this category. While the CEC acknowledges that the conduct of the poll has been less than ideal, with the addition of unregistered voters causing some confusion and potential for error, it remains convinced that a legitimate result will emerge from the votes cast.

“The CEC will investigate all complaints,” said Dr Nasir, “And the final result will not be declared until those complaints have been investigated.”

Reports from the districts indicate that all polling stations closed as planned at 9PM, with little disruption. With the polls closed, the Presiding Officers at the more than one thousand polling centres began the public counting of ballots. These counts, once completed are submitted to district officials, and then to CEC headquarters, for the compilation of results.

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