Amnesty International

Amnesty: No restrictions with Vanunu's release

Amnesty International urges the Israeli authorities not to impose any restrictions or conditions on former nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu upon his release on Wednesday after 18 years in jail. “Mordechai Vanunu should be allowed to exercise his rights to freedom of movement, association and expression in Israel and should be allowed to leave the country if he wishes,” said Amnesty International. “His release is long overdue and Israel must not continue to violate his fundamental human rights once he is released from prison.” Vanunu was sent to jail 18 years ago for exposing secrets relating to Israel’s nuclear capabilities. 

Amnesty International strongly condemns the assassination of Sheikh Yassin

Amnesty International condemns the extrajudicial execution, by the Israeli army, of Hamas’ leader Sheikh Ahmad Yassin this morning in the Gaza Strip. The attack also resulted in the unlawful killing of seven other Palestinians and the injury of many more. “Once again Israel has chosen to violate international law instead of using alternative lawful means. Sheikh Yassin could have been arrested and prosecuted. The Israeli army has arrested tens of thousands of Palestinians in frequent raids in refugee camps, towns and villages throughout the Gaza Strip and West Bank in the past two years,” Amnesty International said. 

Amnesty: "The wall violates international law"

On the eve of the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) opening hearing on the construction of the wall by Israel, Amnesty International calls on the Israeli authorities to immediately dismantle the sections already built inside the West Bank and halt the construction of the fence/wall and related infrastructure inside the Occupied Territories. Israel objects to the ICJ hearing the case. “The construction by Israel of the fence/wall inside the Occupied Territories violates international law and is contributing to grave human rights violations. Therefore, it is appropriate that a court of law examines this matter,” said Amnesty International. 

Two Israeli teenage refuseniks on hunger strike

The two teenagers Hillel Goral (18) and Noam Bahat (19) are conscientious objectors to compulsory military service. At present they are serving their second prison sentence for refusing to enter the Israeli army. Israel has no alternative civilian service and Hillel Goral and Noam Bahat are currently on hunger strike. Hillel Goral was sentenced to 28 days, his second sentence was for the same duration. Noam Bahat was initially sentenced to 28 days, his second sentence was for 42 days. 

Children under siege

Every Palestinian living in the Occupied Territories has suffered under the severe movement restrictions imposed by the Israeli army in the past three years. The impact on children has, however, been particularly severe. 

Amnesty: "Israel must end its policy of closures and restriction of movement"

“Israel must put an end to the imposition of disproportionate and discriminatory restrictions on Palestinians’ movement in the Occupied Territories which have crippled the Palestinian economy and caused widespread poverty, unemployment and increasing health problems,” Amnesty International said in a report published today. 

No security without human rights

One aspect of the conflict, which has perhaps received less public scrutiny than it deserves, are the weapon systems and military tactics being deployed by the IDF. And yet, the flow of weaponry into the area and the manner in which arms are used are key elements in helping to explain the appallingly high casualty rates - and how to prevent them.