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Leading Israeli organizations call for an immediate change in policy towards the Palestinian political prisoners

Prisoners on hunger strike are denied vital salts, medical treatment and access to their lawyers. In a press conference today at the Alternative Information Center in Jerusalem, several Israeli Organizations provided an update on the prisoners, condition on the 12th day of the hunger strike and on the legal actions taken to stop the violation of their basic rights. Among the speakers were lawyers Abeer Baker and Lea Tsemel, Maher Talhami of Physicians for Human Rights, AIC’s Ahmad Jaradat and Hannah Friedman of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel. They call for an immediate change in policy towards the Palestinian political prisoners. 

Israeli High Court orders suspension of work on the Wall near Biddu and Beit Sourik

Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered a temporary halt of the construction of a security barrier in and around the West Bank. The court imposed a week-long suspension on a complex of fences northeast of Jerusalem where two Palestinians were killed last week, an elderly man died of a heart attack caused by tear gas inhalation and a fourth Palestinian is in intensive care with a bullet wound in his head. The hearing took place this morning and the Court will again hear the matter next Sunday. The judges issued an order to the IDF to cease work for seven days on all sites where bulldozers worked last week. 

Israeli peace and human rights groups speak out on the wall

Thirteen Israeli peace and human rights groups are troubled that the position of the Israel government regarding the wall does not reflect the views of the Israeli peace and human rights movement, nor necessarily reflect the view of the Israeli public. They approached the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs with their request to include the statement in the materials presented to the Court. The wall in its present route constitutes a severe violation of human rights, serves political rather than security ends, and throws up a major obstacle to a just and sustainable peace between the two parties. 

3,000 Jews, Arab demonstrate in Tel Aviv against Iraq war

On Saturday February 15th, over 3,000 Jews and Arabs demonstrated against the war on Iraq in Tel Aviv Museum’s square. The demonstration was held in partnership with a Palestinian demonstration held in the center of Ramallah and simultaneously with over 600 demonstrations worldwide. The following press release from the AIC offers more details.