3,000 Jews, Arab demonstrate in Tel Aviv against Iraq war

Above: Between two and three thousand Palestinian and Jewish demonstrators marched from the Cinemateque to the Museum Square in Tel-Aviv, against the U.S. led push for a war against the Iraqi people. (Bryan Atinsky/Indymedia Israel)

On Saturday February 15th, over 3,000 Jews and Arabs demonstrated against the war on Iraq in Tel Aviv Museum’s square. The demonstration was held in partnership with a Palestinian demonstration held in the center of Ramallah and simultaneously with over 600 demonstrations worldwide.

A joint Palestinian Israeli petition was read at the demonstration calling: “No to the war against Iraq! End the Israeli occupation! For a life of just peace in the Middle East! We, Israelis and Palestinians, are opposed to this war. This is not a war for the sake of security or justice, but rather a war for power, hegemony, control and greed. We are determined that security and freedom for the sake of all the people of the Middle East will not be achieved by war, violence and death.”

Speeches were held during the vigil by representatives of the Israeli organisations who coordinated and participated in the demonstration as well as by Haider Abdul Shafi, a Palestinian peace activist from Gaza, who spoke by way of telephone from his home in Gaza.

Participating organizations include: Balad, Gush Shalom, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Hadash, Yesh Gvul, Black Laundry, Mada, Taayush-Arab Jewish Partnership, The Alternative Information Center, Coalition of Women for Peace: Bat Shalom, Machsom Watch, Noga-Feminist Journal, Nalad, Women in Black, New Profile, Tandi, WILP and Fifth Mother. Buses of demonstrators came from throughout Israel.

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