Two Kinds of Prison: Reflections on Leaving Palestine

Every day that we visited the Qalqilia checkpoint, we watched the “progress” of the Israeli Occupying Forces’ Apartheid Wall which is holding 40,000 Palestinians captive in their own city, on their own land. Each day the fenced section of the Apartheid Wall on either side of the checkpoint looms closer to completion. In two days, trenches six feet wide and and equally as deep were dug on either side of the central fence. The next day, the Israeli Occupying Forces erected triangular coils of barbed wired eight feet high running the entire length of each trench. The concrete base for the central fence has been laid, and any day the 12-foot-tall fence will be erected, and possibly electrified. Brooke Atherton reports. 

Fury from Qalqiliya

Sundes, an eight year old girl living in Qalqiliya, lead me upstairs to the room where her mother, Suher al Hindi, was killed last fall when shot by Israeli soldiers through a window in their home.