East Jerusalem

Jenin diary - April 12 - 15

When we arrived in Taybeh, soldiers turned us back at the checkpoint. We quickly spotted a taxi driver who drove us to a hilltop and then asked us with a kindly smile, “Can you run?” Grabbing our gear, we scrambled out of his car and began sprinting down the mountainside, across fields strewn with rocks. 

Testimony from Jenin

We visited the home of Umm and Abu Mahmoud. Their son, Mahmoud, died during the attack on the Jenin Camp. Mahmoud was a 31 year old merchant. His wife was pregnant with their third child, but she miscarried after learning that Mahmoud was killed, reportedly by a bullet wound at the back of his head. 

Searching for the truth in Jenin

On April 17, we entered the Jenin camp for a third time, accompanied by Thawra. We had met Thawra the night we first entered Jenin. She came into the crowded, makeshift clinic organized by Palestinian Medical Relief Committee workers, cradling Ziad, an 18 day old infant born on the first night of the attack against Jenin. 

The oracle at Jenin

On Wednesday I left the wasteland of Gaza and came to East Jerusalem where it is easier to base oneself for traveling. For two days I stayed in the Jenin refugee camp, returning only late this evening. I know I will have to write about it soon in much greater detail than here, even though I know many people are doing this. The sorry truth is that it will not be nearly enough. 

Cries of the heart

Nestled in the rolling hills and mountains in the north are numerous small Arab villages scattered among the olive trees and agricultural fields. Spring red poppies and wild flowers are in full bloom tucked among various breeds of tall grasses. 

Crimes without proof

Cries and pleas rings loud and clear from the Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank town of Jenin. Jenin has been under siege from the Israeli army for 11 days, many of those days the residents have been without food, water and electricity. 

Eyewitness Ramallah: Voices team reports

On Sunday, April 7, Kathy Kelly and Jeff Guntzel of Voices in the Wilderness left Chicago for Israel/Palestine, along with three Catholic Worker companions. Each felt very compelled by the extraordinary witness of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals who, at considerable risk, have nonviolently resisted the Occupation, invasion and acts of random violence that afflict people in Israel and Palestine. 

Asphalt Turned into Dust

Tuesday, April 9, a convoy of 14 international representatives and 9 national relief agencies were allowed to enter into Nablus to deliver needed medical supplies and food to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS). The supplies will be distributed to those who are in need. 

Convoy to Nablus: Statement

A joint convoy comprised of representatives from 14 international and 9 national humanitarian agencies working in the West Bank and Gaza set out to Nablus on Tuesday, April 9th. The convoy consisted of 16 vehicles, five of which were carrying basic food and medicines for distribution to the most vulnerable families.