Video: Teaching fast math in Gaza

Madlin Abu Jayyab teaches students in the Gaza Strip a new way to solve mathematical problems.

“Fast math” uses abstract mental skills without relying on a calculator.

“We teach skills that complete the academic training they receive in school and increases the intellectual ability and excellence of the student,” Abu Jayyab told The Electronic Intifada.

“It makes them faster and more confident.”

Students find value in the time they spend with teachers one-on-one, something they’re not afforded in the school classroom.

“School mathematics is limited by the curriculum and by the questions and methods to solve them. But here we have several ways,” 15-year-old Wafa Faris told The Electronic Intifada.

“Time is limited at school [and] teacher supervision is not always available.”

Video by Ruwaida Amer and Sanad Ltefa.