Protest camp in Deir Balut village, Salfit district

Protesters at the Deir Balut camp. (IWPS)

A protest camp in Dir-Balut village is a joint Palestinian, Israeli, and international action against the Apartheid Wall. The protest camp was created on Friday the 19th, and will stay there till next Friday, January 2nd.

The camp is located in the yard of the newly built primary school of the village of Dir Balut. The works on the new school were stoped by the occupation authorities, as the building stands on the path of the Wall, and is now due to distruction.

The Wall will circle the village from 3 directions, will seperate it from its lands and from the road to the south (the road to the east was blocked 3 years ago, and was never opened again). The inhabitants will be pushed into a crowded enclave, a getto, together with a few nearby villages - surrownded by walls, fences, road blocks, army and settlements.

The camp is a pure grassroots activity. It was not created by any established organisation — it is a beautifull collaboration between the local community, international volunteers, and Israeli activists.

The Israeli youth who organise the activity are a small group who work under the name “Anarchists Against the Wall”. The camp has an agenda of activities — from demonstrations, direct actions, visits to nearby villages such as Mes’ha, work with the local community and daily MAHSOM-watch (a human rights observation and presence by military checkpoints) at the closest roadblock.

Dan Shohet is a student in Tel Aviv University and a peace activist. To attend the camp, or for further information, please contact Yonatan 066-327736, or Franchesca 064-494030.