Portraits of Palestinian Resistance: The Wounded

Rima Merriman, a Palestinian American living in Ramallah, wrote this series, “Portraits of Palestinian Resistance”, telling the stories of the four Palestinians killed and one of the 57 wounded in Ramallah on 24 May 2006, as they struggled to protect a Palestinian activist and political prisoner from an Israeli undercover unit.


Sa’ed, his brother Rami, and friends and co-workers in Alri’aya Hospital in Ramallah, where Sa’ed was recovering from a leg wound. (Rima Merriman)

The wounded

Sa’ed Jamal Al Taleb (26) of Al-Jalazone refugee Camp (originally from Um Al Zainat close to Haifa) was the last of the scores of wounded to be discharged from Al Ri’aya Hospital in Ramallah. When the events of May 24 took place, he had been on his way home from the Arab-Amman Bank, where he worked as a messenger (he had worked for five years in Jordan and Saudi Arabia before returning home). Sa’ed was hit in the leg, as he ran towards Al Manarah to see what was going on. His brother Rami (24) was by his side. Rami is paralyzed from the waist down having received a bullet in 2001 during another such confrontation with Israeli soldiers in downtown Ramallah.

Rima Merriman is a Palestinian-American living in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

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