Photostory: Damage after Israeli bombing of southern suburbs on Thursday night

Israeli war planes are bombing Beirut. Over 70 Lebanese civilians have died since the Israeli military launched a major military offensive against Lebanon on Wednesday, July 12th. Bombs targeted civilian infrastructure throughout the country, including the key highways and bridges across southern Lebanon effectively halting all cross-country transportation. Pictured in this photo is a mosque on the edge of Beirut’s southern suburb with smoke in the sky above due to Israeli missile strikes on the Beirut international airport.

Pictured is a large hole in a major street in the municipality of Ghobeiry in Dahyeh the southern suburbs of Beirut. Major roads and highway infrastructure throughout the Ghobeiry municipality were targeted throughout the past 48 hours seriously damaging the civilian infrastructure of the area.

Local residents of Ghobeiry located in the Dahyeh region point to the extensive damage caused by Israeli missile strike on the area during the night on Thursday, July 13th.

A close up shot of the site of an Israeli missile strike on a major road in Ghobeiry area.

“Statue of Liberation & Resistance” built to commemorate Lebanese resistance fighters in the south of the country after the Israeli withdrawal in 2000. The statue is located at the entrance of Haret Hureik area of Dahyeh just beside the municipality of Ghobeiry in the southern suburbs of Beirut. This statue was targeted by Israeli missiles on the night of Thursday, July 13th.

A bombed out transport van at the “Airport Bridge”, a major highway intersection in the Ghobeiry municipality close to Beirut’s international airport which was targeted in three separate Israeli missile strikes.

The “Airport Bridge” of Ghobeiry municipality which was severely struck numerous occasions by Israeli missiles during the night on Thursday July 13th.

Another photo of the destroyed “Airport Bridge” in Ghobeiry area as local construction crews begin repair work the day after night-time Israeli missile strikes.

Civilian traffic in the area continued to move throughout the day on Friday July 14th despite the massive Israeli missile strikes on the area.

A bombed out building in the municipality of Ghobeiry. Throughout the night of Thursday July 13th Israeli missile struck heavily throughout Beirut’s southern suburbs of Dahyeh severely damaging multiple civilian infrastructure sites.

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EI’s Stefan Christoff is currently in Lebanon on a delegation organized by Tadmaon! a collective of activists from Montreal in an effort to build solidarity with social justice movements in Lebanon. Mohammed Shublaq is a local media activist.