NPR ignores Israeli attack on school, killing of two

To National Public Radio:

I have heard numerous news spots on NPR this morning that a Palestinian suicide bomber killed himself and an Israeli security guard at a railway station in Kfar Sava this morning.

None of the spots I heard, all of them by Linda Gradstein, reported that Israeli occupation forces today opened fire on a group of school children near Ramallah, killing one student, and a taxi driver, and injuring a number of other people.

Agence France Presse reports,

“Osama Hamdulla, 24, and Fakr Ezzet, 18, were shot by troops in two army jeeps who entered the village of Qurawat Bani Zeid, 12 kilomtres (six miles) northwest of Ramallah, Palestinian medical and security officials told AFP. The rioting erupted as the Israeli jeeps approached the village school and crowds of youths ran out to pelt them with rocks. The village is an area which was autonomous until Israel reoccupied almost the entire West Bank last June after a series of suicide bombings. Ezzet was a student, as were two others wounded when the Israelis opened fire, medics said. Hamdulla was shot while trying to help one of the wounded.”
Israel is, as far as I know, the only country that implements an on-the-spot death penalty for children who throw stones at heavily armed soldiers invading and occupying their homes.

NPR has for years repeatedly given prominent coverage of violence against Israelis, while ignoring Israel’s daily violence against Palestinians under military occupation. When will you end this unacceptable double standard?


Ali Abunimah