Israelis kill refugee child

Just over an hour ago Israeli soldiers opened fire on a small group of children in Bethlehem’s Aida Refugee Camp.

The Israeli occupying army entered the camp, as they do most days and nights, in jeeps, with their tanks rumbling on the side roads.

The Israeli soldiers were throwing tear gas into the camp, choking its Palestinian residents who could not escape from their homes because the Israeli military had imposed curfew on them. To leave one’s home means arrest or death.

A group of Palestinian children protested the Israeli invasion by throwing stones at the heavily armoured jeeps and tanks.

Israeli soldiers shot the kids. One is dead.

His name was Tariq Abu Jadu. Ambulances could not reach the camp.

Two other kids are still in critical condition in the hospital. One is 15, the other is just 12 years old.

A few people in the camp snuck out with the three to take them to the hospital. They live in a refugee camp in a Palestinian city which suffers from Israeli invasion after invasion.

The Israeli military government imposes curfew on them which deems attending school or living a free life impossible.

This is now the 55th year of Israeli imposed horror on the Palestinian people. Grown Palestinians must ask the permission of the occupying military government to leave one’s own town.

Recently, the Israeli government would not issue travel permits to the Palestinian delegation to attend the conference on the “peace process” in Britain.

Kristen Ess is a political activist and freelance journalist from New York City, who has lived in the West Bank and Gaza since March 2002, where she does solidarity work and reports for Free Speech Radio news and Left Turn magazine.