Israeli soldiers continue to target journalists and Palestinian civilians

Yesterday and overnight the Israeli forces carried out actions that are indicative of their occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

Photojournalist, Imad Subhi Abu Zahra died early this morning after being shot yesterday. Imad and many other citizens from Jenin were at the market during a lifting of the Israeli imposed curfew, when suddenly and without prior warning the soldiers re-imposed the curfew and opened fire on the crowds. Doctors who treated Imad, who was clearly identified as press, said he had been shot with an exploding bullet in the leg. Another journalist who was standing nest to Imad, Sa‚ed Ad-Dahley, was also injured in the shooting attack. Furthermore the shooting of this journalist was aired on television, and it was clear for all to see that first aid was prevented from reaching him, as the soldiers continued to shoot at the group of people, and vehicles attempting to reach the scene.

In Gaza two Palestinians were killed when Israel tanks and troops invaded the area of Deir Al-Balah. Khaled Jamal Khater, 32 years old was killed with shrapnel from the attack on a police post. Ma‚en Ali La‚edanye who was only 13 years old was killed when the troops were withdrawing from the area. Firing indiscriminately, a bullet hit Ma‚en in the head; her was on his home at the time.

The University town of Birzeit was invaded in the early hours of the morning. Students who witnessed the events said troops invaded at around 5am and went from home to home and the university dormitories, detaining tens of students. This is typical of what has occurred across the West Bank in recent months.