Free Tali Fahima

On Tuesday, Sep. 28, Israel’s high court will hear Tali Fahima’s appeal against her administrative (read: without a trial) detention. She is now held in solitary confinement, with no access to books, newspapers, cigarettes, and basic amenities. The 28 years old independent solidarity activist from Kiryat-Gat has committed the worst crime an Israeli can, she crossed the barriers to work with Palestinians in Jenin refugee camp, and befriended a militant.

The Israeli high court will hear Tali Fahima’s appeal against her administrative detention on Tuesday, Sep. 28, at 6 pm. Supporters are encouraged to attend the court session.

Tali Fahima is held in solitary confinement, in no easy conditions. Because of her struggle with the prison management over her rights, she was put through a disciplinary process. The punishments laid on her include: solitary confinement, no access to books, newspapers, visits, cigarettes, and the prison canteen (the only way to acquire such basics as tooth paste, or shampoo). The cell she is held in is small, without any separation between the sleeping area and the toilet — the toilet is a hole in the floor, from which sewage sometimes flows up.

The right to receive letters has not been taken from her. Write to Tali Fahima, and the letters will reach her.

Her address: Tali Fahima, Neve Tirza Prison, PO Box 297, 72100 Ramle.

666 people have already signed the petition, which was published in Haaretz on Sep. 13 (90 inches = 24 x 38 centimeters). Placing the ad cost 12,000 Shekels, and only 5,000 Shekels have so far been collected from 50 endorsers (20 to 200 Shekels a person). We would like to place another ad before the high court session, for which we need donations and additional signatures (about 100 signatures have reached us after the ad was published.

To sign this petition, email your full name in Hebrew and Egnlish to

Donations of 100 Shekels (or as you are able to donate) should be sent to PO Box 1335, Kfar Saba, Zip code 44113, or by transferring money to Account #119442, Bank Hapoalim, Branch #679. Write the check to the Coalition HQ, and mark it for the Talli Fahima petition.

NB! The holidays, and the strike may have delayed the checks you have sent. Please email to let us know if you have sent a check in the mail, or transferred money, and what sum was.

A better year to all of us,

The petition team.

Free Tali Fahima - petition

We call for Tali Fahima’s release from administrative detention imposed on her by the Minister of Security, after a month long arrest by the police, all based on false accusations by the Shabak (General Secret Service). We object to Tali Fahima’s detention, any kind of detention, because we are convinced the government has no grounds to charge her. Tali Fahima is not a spy, nor is she an activist against the security of Israel, as claimed by the government. She is an agent of peace and solidarity on behalf of the disillusioned and sane voices in this hell created by the Israeli policy of occupation.

Tali Fahima is an individual without an organization or a movement. In her personal, innocent way, she works to bring Palestinians and Israelis closer, and in the hardest, apparently impossible places. The government of Israel, through the Shabak, persecutes Tali Fahima without any real charges, and we regret to see the court serve as a rubber stamp for these acts of persecution, the way it does in many other cases.

Has the Israeli government no business left except to persecute a young caring woman whose sole crime is trying to meet, and to understand the situation of Palestinians, and to try on her own to help Palestinian children — whose life under the cruel occupation are not worth living, pushing them in one way only? We believe the Israeli government is afraid of the crack that Tali Fahima has made in the walls of apartheid and occupation; on her own, and with great courage. The Israeli government continues to operate as a police state, thinking that forcefully silencing Tali Fahima would deter and prevent other women and men from following her groundbreaking path.

We do not believe the claims of the Shabak, which blind the court and distract it from seeing the truth, because we believe Tali Fahima’s own truth. Only after the Shabak gave up on recruiting her as an agent, did it decide to arrest her and bring her to trial on groundless charges, in order to silence her clear brave voice. But we can still hear her loud and clear, and we call everyone to join this appeal, demanding that Tali Fahima be released immediately, and drop all the Israeli government’s false allegations against her.


TEL AVIV (7 September) — The president of the District Court, Judge Uri Goren, refused yesterday to cancel the administrative detention of independent solidarity activist Tali Fahima and set another court session for next Tuesday, when the Shabak (General Secret Service) officer in charge of Fahima’s case will be cross-examined by defense attorney Smadar Ben-Natan. Security Minister Shaul Mofaz issued the administrative detention order against Fahima after a month of so-called interrogation failed to produce any evidence against her.

According to Ben-Natan, Fahima’s daily interrogation consisted of extended questioning about her political positions, during which she had to listen, her feet in shackles and her hands cuffed, to lengthy talks about history and politics by her secret service “interrogators.” However, Fahima remains resolute in her aspiration to carry on solidarity work with children in Jenin refugee camp, and to create bridges between the increasingly segregated Palestinians and Israelis.State lawyers have claimed that Fahima was involved in the planning of a terrorist attack inside Israel, but claimed that the evidence is so secret it cannot be presented in court.

Dozens of supporters protested outside the court house and called for Fahima’s immediate release. The following appeal has already been endorsed by hundreds of supporters. To sign this appeal, email

666 Endorsers (Sep. 24, 2004):

Menachem Aaron; Neidal Abd El Gaffer; David Abraham; Dorit Abramovitch; Ofir Abu; Ahmad Abu Hussein; Thabet Abu Ras; Sami Abu Shehade; Kfir Adam; Loren Aghbaria; Rola Aghbaria; Amotz Agnon; Angelo Aidan; Yael Aidan; Yasser Akawi; Adnan al-As’ad; Ali al-Azhari; Ammiel Alcalay; Michael Alexander; Ra’anan Alexandrovicz; Nadav Algazy; Adi Alia; Sara Alimi; Tali Almi; Udi Aloni; Ofra Amikam; Eli Aminov; Nitza Aminov; Assaf Amir; Dani Amir; Merav Amir; Daniel Amit; Elinor Amit; Yossi Amitay; Meir Amor; Etti Anda; Adi Arbel; Tal Arbel; Yael Artzi; Yousef Asfour; Noa Ashkenazi; Shosha Asoulin; Nawaf Atamnah; Amir Atsmon; Liran Atsmor; Fabienne Attal; Nirit Atzmon-Novick; Yudit Avi Dor; Ronnie Avidov; Yahel Avigur; Adina Aviram; Meital Aviram; Naomi Aviv; Gal Avnat; Raz Avni; Yochai Avrahami; Uri Ayalon; Oren Azari; Leeam Azulay-Yagev; Khulood Badawi; Danna Bader; Ilana Bakal; Gila Ballas; Shimon Ballas; Dr. Ziv Bar; Iris Bar; Oshra Bar; Yoav Bar; Gal Bar Nissan; Daphna Baram; Eyad Barghuthy; Ronny Bar-Gil; Noa Bar-Haim; Yoram Bar-Haim; Ronnie Barkan; Anat Barlev; Nili Bar-Nes; Sigal Barnir; Osnat Bar-or; Racheli Bar-Or; Mali Barouch; Yossi Bartal; Orit Bartur; Yoram Baruch; Gur Barzilay; Shalom Batsri; Dalit Baum; Shlomit Bauman; Moshe Becker; Moshe Behar; Tamar Belkin; Yishay Ben Adar; Shulamit Ben Aharon; Esther Ben Chur; Zvi Ben Dor; Jonathan Ben Efrat; Roni Ben Efrat; Shay Ben Efrayim; Eyal Ben Moshe; Saar Ben Porat; Nirit Ben-Ari; Ronnen Ben-Arie; Moshe Benarroch; Eldad Benary; Elat Benda; Yoav Ben-Dov; Matan Ben-More; Rami Ben-Moshe; Illa Ben-Porat; Maayan Ben-Zvi; Yael Ben-Zvi; Yael Berada; Elinoar Berger; Tamar Berger; Nitza Berkovitch; Yonatan Berman; Gil Bernstein; Dan Bibro; Anat Biletzki; Shany Birenboim; Azmi Bishara; Noam Bitton; Simone Bitton; Ido Blaiberg; Kerem Blumberg; Yoram Blumenkrantz; Yempa Boleslavsky; Jerome Bourdon; Daniel Boyarin; Haim Bresheeth; Shahar Carmel; Shai Carmeli Pollak; Daniella Carmi; Smadar Carmon; Nili Caspi; Yaron Caspi; Michal Chacham; Ronit Chacham; Lin Chalozin Dovrat; Sami Shalom Chetrit; Chassia Chomsky Porat; Reuven Choshen; Matan Cohen; Noa Cohen; Raya Cohen; Rina Cohen; Ron Cohen; Shahar Cohen; Yifat Cohen; Yonni Cohen; Noa Currie; Avi Dabach; Adi Dagan; Michael Dahan; Yossi Dahan; Jamal Daka; Marwan Dalal; Silan Dalal; Tamar Dallal; Ben Dayan; Hilla Dayan; Rula Deeb; Yael Demirel; Athena DeRasmo; Assaf Derri; Yvonne Deutsch; Diana Dolev; Shahar Dolev; Sharon Dolev; Tal Dor; Dan Dori; Danit Dottan; Yael Drier; Arnon Dunetz; Shai Efrati; Zeev Ehrenberg; Ronen Eidelman; Galit Eilat; Aviva Ein Gil; Lee Einstein; Shani Elad; Rami ELhanan; Dorit Eliyahu; Karin Eliyahu; Walter Ellgutter; Michel el-Raheb; Edna Elrom; Shirly Eran; Gali Eshet; Anat Even; Rona Even; Debbie Eylon; Amin Falah; Liat Fedida; Pnina Feiler; Amir Feldman; Rayah Feldman; Pnina Firestone; Anat First; Micky Fischer; Adaya Fiterman; Miri Fleisher; Eynat Fleshner; Orli Fridman; Ofer Friedland; Hanna Friedman; Racheli Gai; Daniel Gaido; Meir (Miro) Gal; Miriam Gelbach; Or Gerlitz; Ron Gerlitz; Naama Gershy; Yodfat Getz; Hana Gilaie-Guinor; Amiram Gill; Dalia Gimpel; Rachel Giora; Angela Godfrey-Goldstein; Daphna Golan-Agnon; Elana Golden; Nechama Goldstein; Yael Goldstein; Yuval Goldstein; Elisabeth Goldwyn; Yoana Gonen; Shie Gorski; David Goss; Anat Goychman; Avigail Graetz; Keren Green; Slava Greenberg; Buky Grinberg; Gal Grofit; Tami Gross; Eli Grunfeld; Omer Guri; Nadav Haber; Uri Hadar; Hava Halevi; Meidad Halevy; Amir Hallel; Giora Halperin; Itamar Hamiel; Eli Hamo; Kuki Yona Hana; Haim Hanegbi; Tal Haran; Ido Harari; Nadav Harel; Yehudith Harel-Rabinowitz; Galia Hasenfeld; Amir Hasfari; Sharaf Hassan; Liat Hasunfratz; Gal Hause; Hilla Havkin; Areen Hawari; Magdalena Hefetz; Shahar Helinovsky; Jennifer Hendrich; Anna Herman; Noa Hermesh; Ilana Hershenberg; Amnon Hillel; Dafna Hirsch; Ala Hlehel; Dina Hoffman; Nathalie Hoffmann; Tikva Honig-Parnass; Shay Horenstein; David Horesh; Ziva Horesh; Keren Horowitz; Reyad Husri; Dafna Ichilov; Irit Ilan; Yudit Ilany; Galit Inbar Israeli; Michal Inerman; Giora Itamar; Eyal Itskovitch; Yuval Ivri; Eldad Joffe; Rachel Leah Jones; Nirit Kadmon; Ofer Kahana; Muhammad Kaial; Ronny Kalev; Noam Kaminer; Gili Kanelbaum; Aya Kaniuk; Naomi Kaniuk; Liad Kantorovitz; Adi Kaplan; Shula Karmi; Tom Karmi; Einav Katan; Haggai Katriel; Ofra Katz; Teddy Katz; Lior Kay-Avishay; Nufar Kedar; Sarit Kedem; Adam Keller; Mimi Kelmer; Ahuva Keren; Tali Keren; Nimrod Keret; Dalia Kerstein; Basem Khader; Mira Khazzam; Reem Khouri; Baruch Kimmerling; Ori Kleiner; Sara Kliachko; Yana Knopova; Jenny Koren; Uri Koren; Hagar Kot; Micha Kovler; Noa Kram; Miki Kratsman; Amichai Kronfeld; Dana Krugliak; Gila Kulka; Nofar Kulka; Vered Kupitz; Sara Lahiyani; Idan Landau; Uri Laor; Mark Lasman; Danielle Latowicki; Tali Latowicki; Smadar Lavie; Yigal Laviv; Orit Lavnin-Dgani; Einat Leader; Ehud Lebel; Dina Lee; Tamar Lehahn; Hava Lehrman; Gerardo Leibner; Hagit Leibowitz; Shamai Leibowitz; Ronit Lentin; Yael Lerer; Eitan Lerner; Micah Leshem; Lea Leshem-Adiv; Naomi Levav Yuran; Almog Levin; Claudia Levin; Sarah Levinthal Shartal; Carine Levy; Gal Levy; Miky Levy; Tikva Levy; Romm Lewkowicz; Anat Lieber; Moran Livnat; Avi Lubin; Orly Lubin; Liora Lupyan; Anat Lustinger; Dudi Machlev; Moshe Machover; Aryeh Magal; Mdane Mahmoud; Ameer Makhoul; Dory Manor; Yaakov Manor; Adi Maoz; Alon Marcus; Miki Marmor; Ami Maron; Ruchama Marton; Anat Matar; Samy Matar; Ariel Mayodoser; Rela Mazali; Batya Mazor-Hoffman; Oren Medicks; Gil Medovoy; Alon Meir; Yosefa Mekyton; Ishai Menuchin; Juliano Mer Khamis; David Merhav; Racheli Merhav; Yehonatan Messi; Esti Micenmacher; Aya Michlin; Orly Michlin; Ron Michlin; Amir Minsky; Rachel Minsky; Yael Miron; Nili Mirski; Rachella Mizrachi; Shai Mizrachi; Avi Mograbi; Daniel Monterescu; Maggie Mor; Dominique Moran; Neta Moran; Meirav Moran Valter; Renen Mosinzon; Rayna Moss; Nissim Mossek; Pnina Motzafi-Haller; Ahuva Mu’alem; Ibrahim Muhamad; Salah Muhsin; Dorit Naaman; Yonit Naaman; Nir Nader; Effie Nadiv; Dorothy Naor; Israel Naor; David Nathan; Regev Nathansohn; Rim Natour; Salman Natour; Ezra Yitshak Nawi; Ofer Neiman; Dorit Netzer; Ofer Netzer; David Nir; Tal Nitzan-Keren; Yigal Nizri; Hadas Noham; Roy Novick; Menashe Noy; Benny Nuriely; Ezra Ohayon; Shira Ohayon; Niva Oren; Norah Orlow; Eitan Ornoy; Akiva Orr; Elad Oryan; Mishmish Ouri; Guy Pade; Amichai Palgi; Sivan Parnass; Limor Paz Suliman; Lial Peled; Nurit Peled Elhanan; Lazer Peles; Tamar Peretz; Ilana Pergamenshchik; Tal Pervolotsky; Eli Petel; Shirley Philip; Josefa Pick; Rony Pisker; Rina Plesser; Einat Podjarni; Yonatan Polak; Shaul Pollak; Tami Pollak; Yossi Pollak; Matan Prezma; Michal Pundak; Israel Puterman; Iyad Rabi; Madeleine Raby; Haggai Ram; Uri Ram; Nery Ramati; Ada Ramon; Amit Ramon; Roland Rance; Maayan Rash; Michal Rash; Sivan Rash; Sagit Rave; Edeet Ravel; Yogev Ravel; Ada Ravon; Eyal Raz; Michal Raz; Shlomit Raz; Hili Razinsky; Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin; Geva Rechav; Hanna Regev; Sulti Regev; Deborah Reich; Gilad Reich; Elchanan Reiner; Roni Reingold; Tanya Reinhart; Eran Reiss; Nura Resh; Shira Robinson; Jan Rofenacht; Iris Ronen; Sigal Ronen; Yael Ronen; Roee Rosen; Irit Rosenblum; Henry Rosenfeld; Yael Rosenfeld; Lirona Rosenthal; Anat Rosenwaks; Ouri Rosenwaks; Yehoshua Rosin; Sharon Roth; Eyal Rozenberg; Mina Rozenshine; Rami Rudich; Galit Saada-Ophir; Michal Sahaf; Shlomo Sand; Sergeiy Sandler; Tomer Sapir; Galit Saporta; Orna Sasson Levy; Rohan Saxena; Yaara Schori; Nava Schreiber; Nahum Schutz; Noa Schwartz; Yossi Schwartz; Miri Segal; Nissa Segal; Noam Segal; Aviv Sela; Ayelet Senior; Tzvika Serber; Ruben Seroussi; Aharon Shabtai; Sivan Shadmon; Itamar Shahar; Noa Shalem; Israel Shamir; Efrat Shani; Ronny Shani; Uri Shani; Tamar Shapira; Yonatan Shapira; David Shasha; Omer Shatz; Neta Shaulov; Sharon Shavit; Oz Shelach; Tami Shem Tov; Yaron Shemer; Matityaho Shemoelof; Yehouda Shenhav; Hamutal Shifroni; Yotam Shifroni; Nomi Shir; Hagai Shklar; Julie Shles; Ilan Shlif; Dvora Shlomi; Or Shlomi; Amir Shlomian; Hagit Shlonsky; Yael Shneerson; Diana Shoef; Shira Shohami; Ella Shohat; Tamar Shonberger; Adi Shoval; Dan-ya Shwarts; Ivy Sichel; Naomi Siman-Tov; Yael Singer; Eyal Sivan; Jonathan Sivan; Varda Sivan; Yasmin Sivan; Ora Slonim; Kobi Snitz; Kerstin Sodergren; Yehiam Soreq; Gideon Spiro; Josef Sprinzak; Iftah Starik; Orit Sudari; Iyad Suliman; Wassel Taha; Liron Tal; Shirley Tal; Yoram Talmon; Katz Tamar; Inbar Tamari; Youval Tamari; Hagai Tamir; Yudit Tamir; Tirtza Tauber; Ilana Tenzer; Gali Tibon; Daniel Timnah; Nurit Tolnai; Eran Torbiner; Ilanit Trabelsi; Osnat Trabelsi; Lily Traubmann; Noa Trister; Doron Tsabari; Dan Tsahor; Leah Tsemel; Ido Tsvieli; Lena Turel; Shimon Tzabar; Dudy Tzfati; Allon Uhlmann; Amir Uri; Netta Van Vliet ; Roman Vater; Eran Vered; David Wachsmann; Roy Wagner; Sharif Waked; Dan Wardinon; Michael Warschawski; Aviva Weisgal; Assaf Weksler; Uri Weltmann; Shani Werner; David Wesley; Elana Wesley; Michal Wiener; Hava Wiesel; Eti Wieseltier; Marta Wieseltier; Hagit Yaari; Rotem Yaniv; Bracha Yanoov; Tamar Yaron; Andy Yehezkel; Motty Yehoshua; Avi Yehudai; Shmuel Yerushalmi; Oren Yiftachel; Anat Yisraeli; Sarit Yitshak; Daniela Yoel; Yossi Yona; Amnon Yuval; Kim Yuval; Yani Yuval; Uri Zackhem; Ilana Zafar; Ilana Zafar; Jamal Zahalka; Bosmat Zaidenband; Rakefet Zalashik; Aya Zamir; Zeev Zamir; Nirit Zarum; Smadar Zax-Ornoy; Ali Zbeidat; Beate Zilversmit; Eldad Zion; Amalya Ziv; Haneen Zoabi; Soona Zoabi; Eitan Zur; Rakefet Zur; Layla.